A Bird in the Hand

FleglingThis morning the children discovered a fledgling on our front ledge.  We needed to move him because we did not want the dogs to find him and we did not know how well he could fly.

Adrian tried to get him, but the bird hopped away.  Then Megan tried and he hopped right on her hand!  He perched for a very short while and then fluttered away.  He did not fly well at all.

The kids slowly tried to catch him again to move him and he fluttered to the wall and perched there.  Since he was safe there, we watched him until he flew away to another branch and then Adrian watched until he flew to a much safer tree in the woods.Fledgling

Here is Megan’s view of the story.

We found a fledgling.  She was very cute. I named her Rose. She is very pretty.  She is soft soft. I was glad to be able to hold her.  I wish Adrian could have too.


MarkMark and Andrea have been working extra hard at the neighbors this week.  The neighbors left to help their son move cross country and the children are in charge of the animals while they are gone.

Three times a day they go to bottle feed the baby, Fin. His mother got really sick last week and did not get well.  Fin is stubborn and fights Mark when it is time to eat, but that independence is a needed trait for him right now.

After wresting with Fin today, Mark and I went into the loft to see if I could get some updated pictures of him.  It was a nice way to relax and a fun way to spend a little extra alone time with Mark.


“Best Friends”

IMG_3351.smWe have been “babysitting” Oma’s dog. Flopsy decided that she did not like Thor when she first met him at my parents’ house.  She would growl at him and try to scare him off.  That did not bother Thor.  Finally, Flopsy decided Thor was not worth anything and refused to acknowledge his presence.  She turned her back on him and refused to look at him.

Then she came to stay with us.  She tried growling at him and snapping when he came too near.  But Thor was persistent and kept going up to her.  Flopsy started walking in wide circles around Thor, but slept in corners where he could not fit and under the table when all the chairs where pushed in.

However, I have five children who insisted that these two learn to be friends and like each other.  They have worked at it all week, and now, while not exactly “best friends”, Flopsy has decided that Thor is not so bad…

Especially when treats are involved.

Last Soccer Games

IMG_3019_shareToday was our last soccer games for the season.  Adrian tried hard and attempted a few goals.  They won, 2:1.

IMG_3033_shareMegan’s team had a harder time focusing because it was getting warmer and the kids were complaining they were too hot.  Megan made a goal, and her team won 5:1.

IMG_3071_shareFor the last period, the coaches were invited to play with the team.  Mark and Audrey both enjoyed being able to play.

After the games, we had a picnic and then an “awards” ceremony.  We ended the season with the sprinklers IMG_3149_shareturned on and everyone enjoying them.



Last Game

Andrea defending the goal. Even though both girls went down, Andrea was up first and got the ball away from the goal.

Andrea played her last game with Flames on Saturday.  She will try out for high school soccer in a few days!

She has played with the same set of the girls–with few changes–for the last few years.  Her team has improved a lot!  Instead of a bunch of individual players, they work as a team now. Andrea has improved in her ability also.  She is a much more confident player!

Her coach wrote a note expressing how hard the team worked this season. He told us that this year the U14 girls’ team won 18 times.  They had 10 shutouts in a row (which is 700 minutes of scoreless soccer 🙂 ).  They lost two times and tied twice.  The team scored 44 goals, but only had 5 goals get past them.

As we watched Andrea improve, we also had the privilege to see a diverse group of girls from different schools and backgrounds grow also as a team. I am praying that Andrea’s new team will provide her with some strong friends that encourage and push each other to become better soccer players and young ladies.

Hoosier Cupboard Candy

IMG_1973_shareWhile in Franklin, we went exploring for fun places to eat.  While we enjoyed our dinners, the candy and ice cream store was a favorite.  Hoosier Cupboard Candy and Snacks is full of candy that we enjoyed growing up.IMG_2105_share  It is located in the old train depot, so whenever a train comes through and the store is open, whoever is working encourages everyone to join them as they go out and wave at the train.

IMG_2107_shareThere is lots of candy to chose from.  We each tried a different truffle and enjoyed them all.  Then we also brought home some ginger drops and anise squares from the nickle candy bin.

IMG_1975_shareIf you are wanting ice cream though, I would recommend trying theirs.  Their scoops are huge, but very reasonably priced. They are open as long as people are coming in the store, so if you are driving by Franklin IN, and wanting ice cream, check to see if they are open.

Have you ever?

HatchingHave you ever watched a caterpillar eating its way out of its egg?  Audrey was examining this egg under a microscope when she noticed the caterpillar trying to get out.  We watched it from the time it looked like an air bubble in the egg until the caterpillar was completely out and looking for food.

This is an Eastern Black Swallowtail on a piece of dill.

Ashley Drake Inn

IMG_2117_shareWe were so excited to be able to stay at the Ashley Drake Inn again during Andrea’s tournament.  It has been a few years since being there, but Kim Smith treated us as old friends and we enjoyed time to catch up some.

We stayed in the Heritage Room which was plenty big for the three of us.  Kim still makes wonderful breakfasts and has a large selection of tea to chose from.

IMG_2079_shareAfter Andrea’s tournament, we had hoped to explore. However, it started to rain, hard, and we stayed inside most of the afternoon relaxing.  Just for fun, we experimented with my camera!

IMG_2111_shareThe Inn’s garden is just starting to bloom and I am sure it will be beautiful once all the flowers pop.  Kim sent us home with mint starters and some flowers for Audrey’s butterflies.  We are hoping that they all survived the trip!