Today the kids helped with Megan’s Nature Nut class. Mark and Andrea taught the kids how to blow huge bubbles. Audrey trapped anyone who wanted to in a huge bubble.

Then she went out and caught a Giant Swallowtail by hand to share with the kids.  The teacher, Miss Krista made Gak. Adrian and Andrea enjoyed teaching the younger kids how to blow bubbles with it. Megan just enjoyed class and being able to play with so many friends.


CowboysThe kids earned free tickets to the fair during this year’s summer reading program. We decided to go during the rodeo.

Allan got off work early and we watched the afternoon rodeo before roaming. Since everyone enjoyed the first show, we went back for the later one. Both rodeos were fun, but pre-rodeo pictures told the best story.

Secrets to Better Photography Class

I often ask the library to order photography books for me through the interlibrary loan program.  The last time I ordered some books, the librarian asked if I knew that I could take online classes for free through the library.  So I signed up for my first photography class.

There were lessons to do and homework assignments twice a week.  Even though the class was basic photography, I still learned a lot. Each lesson we posted a photograph of what we learned and the instructor commented on it.  We could also ask questions and I asked a few 🙂 .

Here are the assignments I turned in.   What we were studying is underneath along with the title of the picture.

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