Prediction Run

StartAudreyToday I went to watch the kids run a Prediction Run.  It was fun watching them try their best on a 5K course. Mark came in 15 seconds slower than he thought, and Audrey came in 2 seconds slower than her prediction.

I had fun pretending to be a reporter and attempting to get pictures of their great race. I do not think I will ever get a job as a news photographer, it was much more fun talking to another mom who was encouraging her Runningchildren, 9 and 5, who were running the 3K.  The oldest paid the younger $5 to run with him today and they both ran with huge smiles.  They both made it to the finish line in just over 30 minutes.


Mommy Camp- Tuesday

IMG_5353_shareOn Tuesday, we went to Wellfield Botanical Gardens.  We enjoyed the flowers and people watching.  Just before we left, we were told there was a class and art project for children. We went to that.  The bird feeder that Megan made was fun, but the class itself was geared for much younger children.

IMG_5339_shareAfter lunch with Daddy, we colored and played outside some.  We got ready to play in the sprinkler and Megan came outside to discover Thor hogging it.  Megan got to get wet before a storm we had been watching came in.  She did not mind because she got to make dinner instead!

IMG_5531_shareMegan made her first batch of macaroni and cheese.  It is a super easy recipe, given to Andrea years ago by my friend Kristi.  Butter a baking dish, add uncooked noodles, cover the noodles with milk, season to taste and add shredded cheese to the top and bake for about an hour at 350.  Easy but yummy!

IMG_5538At bedtime, Megan was asleep almost immediately.


Mommy Camp-Day One

Yesterday, Allan drove the oIMG_5517_sharelder four children to camp.  Megan was excited that Mommy Camp started!

Megan had a lot of fun. She made grilled cheese sandwiches all by herself for our lunch. They were very good!   We ate ice cream.  She read a little and then we went to the mall to see if we IMG_5234.Megans grilled cheese_sharecould find some fun projects to do this week.

Daddy got home around 4:30.  We enjoyed a cook out and Megan played on the swings.  She practiced crossing her eyes and then we just relaxed and enjoyed a quiet evening with each other.