Morning of Laughter

It snowed last night and we decided to go to the park to go sledding for a little while.  We knew it was very cold so we dressed warm and planned to stay for a short while.  Judging by the laughter and all the different ways the kids went down the hills, I think it was the best morning of sledding we have had in a long time.

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Snow Day

kidsThere was just enough snow to go sledding today! We spent the morning sledding and roaming the park. Then we spent the afternoon working on school work. What a great first day back to school!

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Ice Storm

The weather has been very mild this week. On Christmas Day, we were outside in long sleeve t-shirts.  Some of us were outside without shoes.

Today, we had an ice storm.  The weather alternated between rain and ice, but mostly dreary and chilly. I still enjoyed walking around, admiring the way the ice hung on everything.