Soccer Weekend

GirlsAndrea has enjoyed playing soccer this fall.  She plays outside defense (right fullback). Her job is to keep the ball away from the goalie.

It has been fun watching her improve this year.  Andrea does not mind falling too much and is willing to run into situations where others may hold back. She has been practicing running faster and is able to overtake opponents more often. She also likes to come up to mid line from an angle and kick the ball down field.  AndreaHer kicking is getting stronger and she can send the ball flying much better than she did at the beginning of the season.

This weekend, Andrea had her fall soccer tournament. It was a long weekend for Andrea, but she enjoyed herself. Her team did a wonderful job!  They were undefeated for all their games (8-1, 2-1, 2-0 and 2-1) and came home with first place trophies in their division!

Through a Five Year Old’s Eyes

Megan asked if she could start learning to use the camera. She is still awkward holding it, and most of her pictures are out of focus, but I told the kids that she has to learn to hold the camera and push buttons all by herself.  I think the next time we go out, I will put the camera on a tripod to help her keep steady.  I love seeing what she comes up with!

Bragging on Audrey

TeachingEO A few months ago, Audrey was asked if she would be willing to teach adults about Monarchs. She thought that sounded fun, so today, she presented what she has learned to thirteen adults who are studying to be Indiana Master Naturalists.class

The thumb drive we brought of pictures did not want to work on the computers there.  So while she started her presentation, someone worked hard to get her slideshow working.  She was able to use her pictures at the end as a review and also to discuss some things she had not talked about.

After her presentation and questions, I was approached by a few students who told me what a great job Audrey did.  Not only did she have to “wing it”, she knew what she was talking about and was composed in front a bunch of strangers.  Then she was asked if she would be willing to share what she knows next May and August to two different groups!

My favorite part of the evening was when Audrey was asked if she had done any research on why monarch chrysalises have gold spots.  Audrey answered without hesitation, “God put them there to show His glory in their beauty.”  Excellent answer!

Colorado Trip–Hiking with Children Part 2

Hiking with children is fun! You travel at the speed of the slowest walker so you have lots of time to talk and be together.  Everyone splits up in different groups all day and you have many opportunities just to listen to your children talk.

You can watch the kids love on and encourage each other. When Megan struggled the first day and was going sooooo sllloooowwwwlly, Mark started to make up a story about a backpacking princess. They continued making up the story for the rest of the trip and Megan did not have as much trouble keeping up.

When the hills caused problems, or someone fell and got hurt, there was always someone there to encourage them-not just mom or dad.  Once we got to camp, the kids worked together to finish what needed to get done, so they could play-together.  When the kids crawled into their tents, exhausted, we  had to remind them to stop talking and go to sleep.

There are so many wonderful family vacations.  But my favorites are those were we leave the normal, and just enjoy being a family.

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P.S. Mark did not carry Megan during our hike, he wanted to see if he could carry her and both packs. Megan walked the whole trip, though Allan did carry her backpack for about 10 minutes.

Colorado Trip–Hiking with Children Part 1

(You can find Part 2 HERE)

We have tried to teach the children to love being outdoors and how to hike and canoe. It started early, Mark’s first overnight backpacking trip was in Swaziland when he was only a few months old. We have continued taking the kids as often as can.

During one trip in back country Glacier, Allan carried a toddler, while the 4 year old hung unto the baby carrier when she got tired. He carried most of the weight and a required bear canister while I walked behind, 3 months pregnant, singing and telling stories with our 8 year old. It was a wonderful trip, one that the kids remember and still talk about.

Each of the children have their own backpack. Megan carries an “ultralight” miniature pack that only holds her clothes and snack for the day. Everyone else carries their own sleeping bag plus clothes and snacks. We divide the remaining equipment between the packs, according to age and carrying ability.

The children learn the skills they need to hike on their own early. Allan has them all help filter water, and they all help with setting up and tearing down the tents. Andrea learned how to use the cooking stove this trip and Mark has known how to use it for years.

While we do not hike nearly as often as we would like, the kids love hiking. They look forward to our next trip and talk about the ones we have taken. Now to start planning our next trip!

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