Eastern Box Turtle Visitor

Friday Andrea was playing in the back yard and ran inside yelling that she saw a turtle.  She had noticed that we had an Eastern Box Turtle for a visitor.  We had not seen one in our yard since Mark and Andrea were very little!

We wanted Allan to see him, so we placed him in a safe spot for an hour. Then we returned him to the back yard where he could find food and be safe.  Every so often, someone would run between the rain drops and look for him. He stayed in the back all afternoon and evening.

On Saturday, Audrey ran out looking for him and he was gone. She was disappointed, but we keep watching for our visitor to return.

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UsGod has blessed me so much! I have a wonderful husband who shows me everyday that he loves me.  Allan comes  home for lunch on most days, so he can spend some time with us. He knows I love written encouragement and takes time to write notes.  He encourages me to try new things. He pushes me to go a little bit further and do more that I thought I was capable of.

Allan loves on the children daily. He enjoys reading with them or helping them through tough school classes. He teaches them skills that they will need to succeed.  Allan challenges them to take risks, get out of their comfort zone and try new things.  They still talk about hiking with bears and canoing.

I love you Allan!  You are a wonderful example of what a man who wants to follow Christ can be. It is a joy being your girlfriend and wife!

Maple Syrup Update

bucketsIt has been a crazy year for syrup.  We started tapping in January, but then the weather turned very cold and we did not get any sap for a few weeks.  It warmed up and we brought in a few gallons of sap before the weather froze up again!  We still have buckets out, but we have not had enough cold nights and warm days to collect sap.

We are often asked how much sap is needed to make syrup.  We usually boil down around 35 gallons of sap for each gallon of syrup.  The kids check the trees most days to make sure the buckets do not have mold.  They empty the sap collected to store in the shade so it does not spoil.  Once we collect enough sap, we do most of the boiling down outside.

PancakeEven with the crazy weather, we were able to can 6 1/2 pints of syrup.  We are hoping for more, because that won’t last very long.  But we are all thankful for what we were able to get.


MeganToday is Megan’s half birthday. She is now “two” years old.

HalfThis morning, she started asking me, “Where’s my birthday cake? It my half birthday. I 4 1/2 but everyone tease me that I am only 2”.  She asked about her cake a lot!

We tried to keep her cake a surprise, but I think she knew that we would celebrate. The kids gave her some small gifts and Megan was very happy.


NineAdrian turned nine on Saturday!

BirthdayAdrian is growing so quickly. He loves to read and does well in most of school subjects. He does not have any favorite hobbies or activities, but enjoys doing a little of everything, though soccer and playing catch are very high on his list!

I am so thankful for you Adrian.  I am glad that God blessed us with you!  I know that God has wonderful plans for you.


Sunlit crocus Our neighbor has a garden full of crocuses.  His flowers are usually the first up every spring.  Yesterday, the kids noticed that the crocuses were blooming, and went over to ask permission to go over and admire them during the day.

We went over this morning when the flowers were still closed. We discussed why the crocuses “sleep”.  Then we returned later when we thought they would be opened.

CrocussqNot only did we learn a little science, we also spent some photographing them.  If you want to check out Adrian’s picture, his turned out the best!