Building Snowmen

We have been wanting to build snowmen, but the weather is not cooperating!  We received a few more inches of snow last night, and because it is so cold out (windchill makes it feel around -10 degrees) we decided to create our own inside.

Quilled Snowmen 19 Feb 2015 Megan, Andrea, Mark, Joyce, Andrea, Andrea and Adrian McGuire
Quilled Snowmen
19 Feb 2015
Megan, Andrea, Mark, Joyce, Audrey and Adrian McGuire

Soap Making

A few years ago, our neighbor, Mrs. Klaussen, taught the children and me how to make soap. It was easier than we thought to learn. Since then, we use her basic soap recipe at least once a year.

Making soap is one of the many projects that we all enjoy. We have attempted a few new soap ideas that looked good. But usually we just experiment with the basic recipe. We are not afraid to swap oils or to add ingredients to our recipes anymore. The kids even request special soaps. Not all our soaps turn out the way we want, but that is part of the fun.

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P.S. Thank you again, Mrs. Klaussen, for teaching us the basics! You are a great neighbor 🙂

Fun Memory

Last night, I started sorting through some photographs.  I hope to weed out the bad photographs and arrange the good ones in chronological order.  One day I may get albums made for each of the kids, but labeling them is much more important just now.

While we had fun looking at all the pictures, this one was our favorite of all we looked at yesterday.  Do you know who this is?