Hay Loft Pictures

On Saturday, we borrowed the neighbors hay loft to use as a photo studio.  My goal was to get Megan’s two year old picture, but she was not liking being in the loft.

While I still need a lot of practice using-and hiding-an external flash, I think these turned out very well.

One, Two!

 Megan is two years old now. We celebrated her birthday while at camp. It was a very unique birthday for her!

She got to do some of her favorite camp activities; ride a bike and explore the rocks by the water.  Because camp was over and the pop house wanted to share leftovers instead of throwing them away, she also able to pick her own lunch, which turned out to be ice cream, nacho chips, a slushy, and a cone without ice cream. I discovered what all she ate after she enjoyed them and when she refused to eat a “normal” lunch.

Megan is starting to talk more.  She is starting two word sentences, but knows only one two syllable word – ice cream.  She is also learning to count.  She surprised us on the ferry counting cars, and getting to five! She knows a few colors and loves to ask what color she is coloring with.

Happy Birthday Megan.  You are a wonderful little girl.  I love you very much!

Happy Birthday Andrea

Andrea turned eleven today!

Andrea is such a special girl.  She tries hard at school and tries her best most of the time.  Even though a few subjects are extremely difficult for her, I rarely see her upset anymore. She often asks to help Adrian with his books. When Adrian needed to learn how to tie his shoes, she was the one to help me teach him (and the one to to scream when he tied his first shoe!)

While she loves “girly” things like pretty dresses and giggling often, she does not hesitate to play a rough game of soccer.  She holds her own very well.

Andrea is sweet too.  After opening her presents from us, she had one bag left.  She planned a gift for each of us! She found verses that she liked and then wrote a note to each of us on a notecard.  I am often finding love notes and thank you’s from her around the house.

It is neat watching Andrea become the girl God created her to be.  I pray that she grows strong in Christ!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!  I am so glad to be your Momma!


I struggle getting good candid shots.  I am usually slow and the picture does not tell a story.  On Tuesday, I caught Megan as she watched someone fishing. She was amazed at what she was seeing.

Then, I was trying to get a picture of Andrea.  Audrey came up behind her to give her bunny ears. I was pleased to have captured their silliness.

I need a lot more practice, but this is a good start.

A Day in the Life…

Today Megan is 23 months old. It is hard to believe that she is almost two!

She had a very busy day today.  This morning she helped the big kids in school.  She especially liked snuggling next to Andrea and doing Bible with her.  Megan learned during “recess” that she could walk across the railing and back.

Then she decided she was “Megan puppy.” She crawled into Flopsy’s crate and closed the door. Then she barked and made dog noises.

After lunch, stories and and nap, she was ready to go again.

We went outside for a braai, and she followed Adrian around playing in the woods. When Adrian helped Daddy with the fire, she sat and watched them.

Finally, it was time to settle down. She sat next to Flopsy and enjoyed watching everyone else play.

After eating most of Daddy’s favorite potato salad, she was ready to snuggle with Momma. After getting her teeth brushed, she happily headed off to bed. She knows she needs a good sleep in order to play hard again tomorrow.

Lea Dee Sarai

Grandpa brought home a new spaniel puppy last week. We all met her for the first time on Sunday. Her name is Lea Dee (I keep wanting to call her Lady) Sarai.  She is very cute!

Megan was especially fascinated with her.