Summer Night Fun

After putting the children to bed, we realized that there were a lot of fireflies out. I told everyone they could get out of bed so they could go catch as many as they could.

They would have loved to be outside longer, but the mosquitoes were enjoying their unexpected treats.  The kids took their “summer lights” into their rooms for the night and headed to bed just before the rain came.

Summer Rain

Summer Rain

What could be lovelier than to hear the summer rain
Cutting across the heat, as scythes cutting across grain?
Falling upon the steaming roof with sweet uproar,
Tapping and rapping wildly at the door?
No, do not lift the latch, but through the pane
We’ll stand and watch the circus pageant
Of the rain,
And see the lightening, like a tiger, striped and dread,
And hear the thunder cross the shaken sky
With elephant tread.

Elizabeth Coatsworth (1893-1986)

Working Together

I am thankful for children who are willing to work hard.  I have watched each of them take on new responsibilities when needed.

Since Mark has started working full time, the girls are mowing the lawn so he can spend his afternoons studying and still have time to help with the alpacas.  It is more work for them, but they seem to enjoy it.