Sunlit crocus Our neighbor has a garden full of crocuses.  His flowers are usually the first up every spring.  Yesterday, the kids noticed that the crocuses were blooming, and went over to ask permission to go over and admire them during the day.

We went over this morning when the flowers were still closed. We discussed why the crocuses “sleep”.  Then we returned later when we thought they would be opened.

CrocussqNot only did we learn a little science, we also spent some photographing them.  If you want to check out Adrian’s picture, his turned out the best!

Sign of Spring?

SignThe weather has been warm during the day and below freezing at night.  On Monday, Mark started tapping our seven trees.  Adrian likes to check the buckets and said that our best tree has almost filled a half bucket already.

The kids and I are hoping for some more really good snow days.  We are not quite ready for spring!  We have not got our fill of snowmen, sledding or hot chocolate this winter.

Winter Rose

RoseI am so spoiled!  Allan came home yesterday with a beautiful bouquet of daisies for me.  He added a unique blue rose as a special surprise.  Then today, the kids spoiled me by letting me take a break and have some fun taking pictures of the rose.

I have a wonderful family! They do a great job of spoiling me 🙂 .