While in Colorado, the kids enjoy being able to explore.  When they were younger, they were not allowed to leave the fenced in area.  Every year, they have more freedom.

This was the first year that Megan was given the okay to ride the bike up and down the drive way by herself.  She could go all the way to the cattle guard without asking for permission.  That is a lot farther than she can roam alone at home!

Sometimes, the kids just disappeared for awhile just to talk and be together.  One day they took off in the search of cactus to bring home.  They also enjoyed being able to visit Aunt Bonnie “just because”.

Audrey took advantage of roaming most often this year.  She would go “visit” the cows or look for pink cactus.  She would just disappear to enjoy being by herself.

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I am very thankful they did not meet any unwanted critters this year!


Sunday in Colorado

On Sunday, we enjoyed being able to go the Firemen’s Breakfast before church. Their menu has grown and we enjoyed a lot of good food.  Andrea tried a breakfast burrito with green chili and sausage gravy and had the best breakfast of all!

Then we had the privilege of going to a.m. church with Uncle Bill and Aunt Bonnie.  Megan loved being able to snuggle with Uncle Bill.

It had turned very chilly overnight.  After church Audrey picked up a Monarch butterfly she had noticed before service.  While driving home she began to giggle.  The butterfly was still alive!

Though cold, we spent some time outside. We had a needed lazy day and then drove into Colorado Springs so we could go to church with Uncle Dan and Aunt Debbie.  The younger two got to enjoy Awana.  We got home after dark, but enjoyed being able to be with family.

Saturday’s Sunset

While in Colorado, I try to be up for the sunrises and the sunsets.  Grandma’s house has a wonderful view of both.

On Saturday, I wanted to take a picture of a dead tree silhouetted by the sunset.  After taking the picture, I double checked that the exposure was right. I was surprised to discover something I had not noticed at first.  A pronghorn!

We then noticed at least seven pronghorns along the ridge. They let us follow them for a little bit before taking off.  We would see them a few times over the week.  But these where the best pictures of them.

Saturday in Colorado

We drove into Colorado bright and early on Saturday.  Allan drove most of the way, while everyone else slept.  Around 2:00, he needed a nap, so I drove for a few hours.  Mark commented on the falling stars he noticed and we discussed what animals belonged to the eyes and shadows running across the road.

After breakfast, Allan took a needed nap, and the kids and I acted like we were working for a few hours. After lunch and naps, we put in a few hours of real work before enjoying the beautiful Colorado sunset.

Begging in Goshen

We enjoyed being able to go begging for candy with our cousins today.  It was even more fun that Nora and Andrea were both piglet. Jonathan wore a Tigger outfit that all of my kids wore trick or treating at some time.

The kids said that it was the most fun begging they have had in a LONG time.