The weather has warmed up. Audrey noticed this raccoon hanging around our sap buckets this afternoon.  She tried chasing it away by banging a spoon in a pan.  It only ran up our maple tree and then took a nap.  It is still enjoying its cozy napping space.

While it slept, we made sure all the lids were tight on the sap buckets and then put a heavy brick on each one.  We do not want a nosy raccoon to ruin the sap we collected!

Rain Rain, Please Go Away!

After getting over a foot of snow last week, and then having it all melt in the last two days, along with rain–my dad’s rain gauge says 5.05 inches, we have a lot of water in the yard. On the side of the house, the water was halfway to Adrian’s knees.  The air ducts under the house are full of water.

The girls spent most of the day wet vacuuming the ducts dry. Megan practiced keeping tally of all the times the vac was emptied (at least 240 times). Allan and Adrian worked on creating a ditch to divert some of the standing water to the back acre.

Hopefully, the rain will stop soon, we will get a breeze and everything will dry up quickly.