Crazy Last Game

Andrea had an interesting soccer season this year.  For many of their games, they only had one extra person.  For at least 3 (out of 7) games they did not have enough players and they had to forfeit two games because of it.

Today, only seven of the twelve needed players arrived for the game.  The game was forfeited and a scrimmage was arranged. Players from the other team played with our girls.

After a 30 minute first half (instead of 45 minutes) the coaches joined in.  The game became a lot more fun.  The girls from both teams smiled and giggled together.  Goalies would swap out whenever they felt like it.  The coaches played hard. And, believe it or not, our team (with a few subs) managed to make a few goals.  I am not sure if we ended up tied or one point ahead.

When  the game ended, parents agreed it was a wonderful way to finish this season.

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More Spring Discoveries


While I claim to have many “favorite” spring flowers, it is always exciting when I find Hepaticas.  We can not always find the flowers, but this year we found them in a few places.

I do not know the real name for what I call “May roses”. My parents always had a plant or two and called them May roses. It is fun to see how close to May it is when they first bloom.

Unfortunately, the spring wild flower season seems to be ending already. It seemed like a short year for them even though we found more types than usual.


Don’t Let Pink Number 7 Get the Ball!

Megan has been enjoying soccer a lot this year.  Not only is Audrey a fun coach who teaches the girls a lot, Megan has a lot of friendly girls on her team that she is becoming friends with.

Monday was an especially fun game for her.  She made the very first goal…then the second and the third.  She tried hard to assist some of the other girls to make goals.  We started saying, “don’t let pink number 7 get the ball!”  Megan would give us a dirty look before enjoying the game again. A few balls come straight at Megan and it would have been silly not to try to make a goal, which she did successfully.

By the end of the game, Megan had made at least 5 goals and three other girls made at least one goal each.  A few of the girls made some great almost goals.

This could turn into a very dangerous team!

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