“Summer School” otherwise titled “Missing Van”

I was going through pictures and discovered this one of the children studying outside on a beautiful day. It brings back wonderful memories of learning together and the silly things my children enjoyed doing.

But is also represents trusting God when things are “missing”. We see him provide so often and sometimes waiting is hard, but thankful that he knows ahead of time what is happening. Looking forward to seeing the van God has picked out for us 🙂

Morel Mushrooms

We were able to find some morels this last week. We found enough to try them this year.

I enjoyed them, but I like mushrooms. Mushrooms are not very popular with my family, but every one tried them. Mark and Katie came for a very short visit, and they were able to try for the first time also. I would not purposely pay for more, but if I found them, I would enjoy.

I am just learning about morels. My niece and sister taught me what to look for. If you find some and want to try them, remember:

  • Be sure you know positively they are morels (learn with someone who knows).
  • They have a “deeply pitted” or “honeycomb like” cap.
  • Hollow centers.
  • The cap and the stem connecting as one at the base.
  • The stalk is typically quite thick and smooth.
  • Before cooking, clean them well.
  • Always cook morels before eating.

Lenten Rose

We have started our spring hunt for flowers. This one is from our neighbor’s yard. I learned today that it is also called Hellebores, Lenten Rose or Winter Rose. It comes in different colors; white, rose, purple, and green.

Last week, I was given a plant from a friend. It was not doing well in her yard, and I am hoping it does very well here. Now to find some other color Lenten Roses to add to my garden.