Bragging on Megan

This was the second year that Megan entered pictures into the Elkhart County Parks Photo Contest. She works very hard getting good pictures and hopes to earn a ribbon next year. She asked Mr. Courtney (who is in charge) and he said she was youngest to enter any pictures! We learned later that the next youngest entry was taken by a ten year old.

Keep up the good work Megan!

Ready for Hiking


campsignI am ready for a good back packing trip. Since Mark was a newborn, we have often taken the kids out for challenging vacations.  As the kids grow older, Allan keeps looking for new places to take us.  When Mark was seven, Andrea almost five, Audrey just three and we were waiting for Adrian, we went to Glacier National Park for a week of back country hiking.

The older two had to walk all of the way and Audrey did a fair amount of hiking herself.  We slept in a tent and ate dehydrated food all week. We played in ice cold mountain rivers and explored bear country.tent

(It is cold outside, and I am daydreaming of a good hike with the family.  I wonder where we should go?)

Candy Cane Seeds

img_8556-candycanes_phatchFor Christmas this year, the family was surprised with an envelope from Santa on Christmas day.  In the envelope was a candy cane seed kit!

It was a pretty neat kit.  There were six seeds, but only five came up.  There was also white and red fertilizer and soil. The seed packet said that the seeds were very rare and only grew in perfect conditions, so I am glad that Santa shared some with us this year.

We supplied our own bowl and used the bag the soil came in to cover the seeds like the directions said.  If we receive candy cane seeds again, we would use a deeper bowl since the full grown candy cane plants all fell over so we do not know how tall they would have grown if they had the chance. We were hoping the canes would flower and grow new seeds, but once they fell over, we were afraid they would not be so nice.

The kids thought the candy canes were really good. They decided that candy cane seeds must be related to bamboo since they grew so quickly. Megan said North Pole candy canes tasted more pepperminty and they thought they had a cleaner, fresher taste.

Bubble Weather

img_8861-bubblefav_phatchIt has been very cold out, but we have been enjoying going out and playing with bubbles.  Yesterday we were out for hours, experimenting as the day warmed up slightly.  We also used different bubble solutions and different ways to blow bubbles. It was a fun science experiment!

We even had fun destroying the frozen bubbles.

If you click on a thumbnail, you can see a larger sized slideshow of the pictures.