Snow Day

Every year, we go sledding. We were wondering if we would have the chance this year since we have received very little snow since Christmas and we have had some very warm weeks.

Today, when we woke up to a few inches of snow, the kids ran to shovel neighbors’s driveways and then we left to enjoy the sledding hills. We were thankful there was not enough snow to cancel nearby schools but enough that sledding would be fun.

We all enjoyed ourselves very much and spent over two hours playing outside. Since Megan did not mind the snow in her face for the first time and it seemed to make her laugh even louder, the kids tried new ways sledding down the hill. They raced each other and tried to get everyone to sled together as a group.

I enjoyed watching the kids interact with each other.  They all wanted to play together and even though they split up sometimes and played alone, they seemed to have more fun being together. I am so thankful that even though the kids are different ages and all have different personalities, they are all best friends!