coming-homeMark turned eighteen today! It is hard to believe the 5.1 pound baby we brought home is now at least 6″1′. He came home in a carry cot that Auntie Sao gave us that we had pushed under the driver’s seat because he was much to little for the carseat we had for him. Now Mark is cramped in smaller cars.

Mark is a wonderful son, showing Allan and me respect and love by his attitude and actions.  Mark laughs easily. He is hardworking and patient.  He works diligently at his school assignments. He loves his siblings and shows it to them in many ways. Many of our neighbors call him when they need help. It is wonderful watching how God is working in him and seeing the man that Mark has become.

Happy Birthday “Handsome Boy”.  I love you very much!18

All Dressed Up

The kids and a friend all enjoyed dressing up yesterday. They created and designed their own costumes and only asked for my help for a few things.



Saturday was Dad McGuire’s birthday. He wanted to get his chimney fixed for his present, so Allan and one of his brothers went to help Dad.  Then everyone who lived close enough, came by for a surprise party.

Dinner was good and the cake was excellent–we have some great bakers in the family!  But the best time was watching everyone interact.

The cousins, no matter the age, played a game of baseball following rules the girls made up to make it a more even game. Nothing could make it really even; the three boys were mostly older than the four girls on the other team and the babies kept switching teams or being “ghost” players or base holders. So, the rules got sillier as the game went along.The adults enjoyed the game, but mostly sat around talking about whatever.

Happy Birthday Opa!

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