Christmas Lights

img_7465-lightsWe went looking for a Christmas tree this weekend. We were disappointed that the ones at the tree farm were already turning brown or very misshapen. We could not find anything that we liked. We returned home without a tree.

We are not sure if we are going to try another tree farm, find an already cut one, or buy an artificial tree. So, for now, our living room is decorated with lots of stars and lights. A good reminder that Christ is the light of the world (John 8:12)!

First Sledding of the Year

img_7404-megan_shareWe love to go sledding! However, we have a few rules on when we go sledding at the park. We do not go on weekends or if schools are cancelled for the day. We also do not go sledding late in the day. Lastly, if the sledding hills have been ruined by people building ramps, we go home.  We have had too many friends get hurt sledding!

The kids and I still go sledding as often as we can.  Many mornings we dress very warmly and spend a short time at the park before doing errands.  We get exercise, are outside and have a break from our normal day!

Megan wanted to tell you about her first sledding this year. We did not go to the park, but went on our own special hill Daddy taught the kids how to build years ago.

Audrey started the sledding hill this morning. She built it on the stairs to the porch. Adrian did most of the rest of it.  Then I came in and I helped with it. Then I played on it while Adrian worked on it some more.

Then Marky came and tried it.  He did not go that far and made lots of holes! He had to fix them. Then we fixed it some more. Then went sledding.

We had lots of fun! We are going to let it sit awhile and build it up some more. Then we can play on it tomorrow and maybe all week!

Now, I am making some hot chocolate for me and Adrian and Mark. That is the best way to end sledding.

Math Class

img_7261-mathWhile Megan was doing her math this morning, I heard her talking to Thor.  “If you have two treats and I gave you five more because you are a good boy, how many treats do you have? Two plus five equals seven!”

She worked a little longer and Thor decided to leave. Megan stood up, gave him a great big hug and said, “Thank you Thor for helping me do my math.  You are a big helper!”

First Football Game

img_6873-football_shareOn Friday we went to a Western Michigan Broncos verses Toledo Rockets football game. It was the first football game I have been to since high school and the first one the kids have ever been to.

It was extremely crowded and it drizzled on and off all during the game. Megan snuggled with her uncles for the first part of the game and then came to keep Allan and me warm.  Even though we did not understand the whole game, we all enjoyed it and were glad that we went.

Megan especially liked the marching band and the color guard.She was disappointed when that part was over. However, when we left before the last quarter since we did not want to be caught in the crowds leaving, she was excited to ride in the back of a golf cart.  We were thankful for those carts because we had parked the car a lot further than we remembered!

We learned later that the Broncos won 55-35.