FaceWe invited Allan’s brothers over for a picnic. Not everyone could come, but we had a great time with those who were available.

Michelle brought Jonah. He happily played with the children and let Megan awkwardly hold him for a little while.  He even took time to “pose” for a few pictures to surprise his daddy with.

As always, if you click the thumbnail, you can see a much better photo from the gallery.


Tire Swing

SwingingWhile Adrian and Audrey learned about tornadoes at Science Sleuths yesterday, the rest of us took a walk. After battling mosquitoes most of the walk, we gave up exploring. We decided to try the playground with the tire swing. The breeze was strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away and the kids had fun trying to get each other dizzy on the swing.



SwingingOne of Megan’s favorite activities is to swing. She loves having someone push her. She prefers sitting on someone’s lap, but often has to beg who ever is swinging.  She was extra persuasive today because she was able to get Mark to blow bubbles with her and then swing with her.



ShoeWould someone please inform Mark that shoes are not supposed to be wider than your waist?

Mark needed some new shoes, so Allan and I thought we would surprise him with a new pair. He really dislikes shoe shopping!  I knew that he wore Allan’s shoes, so when I found some shoes, I asked Allan to try them on.  They fit, so we brought them home.

Size 9 shoes did not fit Mark!  He needed to return both pair of shoes and get size 10’s.

Dandelion Jewelry

DandalionOn Friday, I taught Andrea two different ways to make dandelion chains.  There are tons of dandelions this year, so she has been having fun creating different jewelry.

On Saturday, she gathered a huge handful of dandelions and then sat quietly working while the boys worked on the grass. She wore some herself and then gave some to Megan who loved having a crown and matching bouquet.Dandelion chain