Bluebird Babies

Today we went to check on our bluebird babies.  Three of the four eggs have hatched.  It was so neat!  Mark took the picture of the hungry babies.


Adrian kept asking if we saw “Scouts” while we were out.  I said that I did not see any and he insisted “yes, you DID.”  He saw this picture of the Tree Swallow watching and said “see, there’s the Scout Bird”.  I guess I did see some Scouts today.

Bluebird Photo Shot

I promised my children that we could go and look for Bluebird eggs.  They were shown some the other day, and wanted me to see them also.  They were hoping to find some eggs and some baby birds.  We found some eggs but most of the boxes were empty.

However, we had fun watching the birds “play” in empty birdhouses.  We were not “attacked” by them this time either, but a couple of Tree Swallows put on a wonderful show for us trying to get us to leave.

I read that Eastern Bluebirds incubate their eggs for about 12 days. The babies stay in the nest for about two weeks. So, if we have the chance to return in the next few weeks, we may see some newly hatched birds. That would be exciting!

These pictures are of Tree Swallows. They like to live near Bluebirds and often use Bluebird nests for their nests. They live well near each other.

Spring Colors

Audrey and I have been enjoying the Forget Me Nots we forgot we planted in the garden!

I do not think that I ever saw holly flowers. I was surprised to see our holly plants blooming this year after years of trying to get rid of the plants.

In Spite of my Fear

I do not like snakes. My children know that I do not like them. However, that fear has not been passed on to my children!

Today, Mark was so excited to find a small garter snake while playing in the backyard. Audrey yelled asking me to get an aquarium ready for their new pet snake. Mark and the girls waited around for the snake to reappear from its hiding place. They then had a fun time trying to catch the snake.

I am so thankful that they have had a wonderful nature teacher who has been able to teach them a healthy respect for snakes. They are not afraid of them, enjoy holding them and have learned to never tease people with the snakes they hold. I have been encouraged to hold snakes and am not quite so fearful of them–but I still dislike them VERY much! Thank you Miss Krista!

Spring Flowers

The crocus are up!  Spring is here!  The girls were so excited finding the first flowers in our yard. They both loved tucking flowers behind their ears and bringing me my first bouquet of the year.  They love the flowers as much as I do!

The neighbor offered to let them pick his daffodils when they come up…wonder how many flowers they would leave him if they were allowed to pick to their hearts content?

Spring Nature Walk

Yesterday, Adrian and I got to explore Oxbow Park while the older kids had Science Slueths.  We spent our time looking for signs of spring.  Adrian got to lead me around and we found many things–including our first turtle of the year! While I would still love to make another snowman this year, I am excited for spring!

Glorious Morning

Did you get a chance to really look at the frost this morning?  It was beautiful!

The children called it “spikes” but it is really hoar frost. These pictures are of air hoar frost, frost on objects above the ground! We were able to explore and enjoy it for awhile until the sun came out.

Maple Syruping

Learning to read and do math is important.  Learning by doing and experimenting is so important too.

God designed boys to work.  Learning to work hard while enjoying their work and improving on their best is a lesson too few of today’s boys ever learn.

As a friend said, “You can read about how to maple syrup, or you can make your own.” If you want to see how we made our own, please check out Mark’s blog. Learning to make maple syrup is a lot of work, but the end result is delicious!