A Drop at a Time

Assume that it takes  542 drops to fill a quarter cup. (We are pretty close, I asked Mark to do me a favor 🙂 )

542 x 4 =  2,168 drops or one cup

2,168 x 16 = 34,688 drops, or 16 cups or one gallon

Assume it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of Maple syrup

34,688 x 40 = 1,387,520 drops of sap which equals 40 gallons of sap which makes approximately one gallon of Maple Syrup.

Now, if a “good run is one drop a second” how long will it take for enough sap to make a gallon of syrup?

Using the above numbers, you get one gallon every 9.6 hours.

40 gallons x 9.6 hours =2840 hours

2840 hours / 24 hours in a day =11.8 days

So, it takes about 11.8 days of perfect weather to get approximately enough sap to make one gallon of Maple Syrup.

The next time you enjoy some Pure Maple Syrup, remember that!

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