Winter Beauty

Yesterday we were taking a walk for a science art project we were doing.  We were looking for pretty things to make a collage out of. I took my camera just in case…and look what I found!

These red breasted birds are not Robins, but Bluebirds. I was told that they will stay around over the winter if they can find a warm home and food.

Walking in the Woods on a Snowy Day

The older children had Science Sleuths today.  It was cold, but a beautiful day out, so Adrian and I took a walk at the park.  We had not gone far when we noticed the first deer.

We watched it for awhile before realizing there was another deer with it.  After exploring the park, hearing and finding a blue Kingfisher by the lake, throwing sticks into the water and writing in the snow, we saw our deer again.  Only then did we discover there were at least five hidden in the bushes.  Unfortunately for us, there were to many brambles to get all their pictures.

What a wonderful gift from God! Going for a walk in the “dead” wintery woods and seeing so many of his creations.

Pinewood Derby

What is more fun then watching the car you designed and built with a little help from your dad compete against other cars? Watching your son’s face as he realizes that he might just have a chance to place. Even better is knowing that he is with terrific friends who are excited for him too.

Mark’s first car was very simple. He refused to add weights–and came in very last in his race!  Learning a very important lesson, he decided that his goal would be to build a better car each year. After years of trying to improve his speed, Mark’s car came in third place today!

His car has been “impounded” so he can race in “District” the first weekend in May.


One of the nice thing about home schooling is the ability to do fun things with friends. After one of the kids classes, some friends met us at the park–during school hours– for gym class. We spent a few hours enjoying the fresh snow and sledding with friends.

Over the weekend when we went to check out the sledding possibilities, the slopes were very crowded, but today was just us on the hill.