Andrea hands

Andrea hairAndrea is a few weeks shy of being twelve years old. She has been growing and changing so quickly lately. I have asked her to slow down some, but she insists on growing up!

She is turning into a very beautiful young lady. She is gentle and loving on the inside too.  I am very proud of her.

Andrea reading


WaterparkDad and Mom went to the zoo with us for “Mommy Camp”. We had a great time exploring. The kids were treated to a stuffed tiger and a ride on the zoo train. They both enjoyed it, but Megan was fascinated with it.

After the zoo, we enjoyed a picnic lunch. The kids wanted to play on the playground, but I told them no. Then I took out their swim suits I had brought and let them play in a small water park across from the playground. Megan ran around screaming with joy.  Adrian enjoyed having the water dump on his head and I often found him under the bucket trying to get hit.

It was hard to tell them it was time to go. They were having a great time and I enjoyed watching them have fun. I thought they would be exhausted and fall asleep in the car, but they talked about the water park the whole way home.

A very cold, but happy, little girl!

Wellfield Botanical Gardens

Acorn Cottage Megan  The “big kids” are all at camp, so Adrian, Megan and I decided to visit some botanical gardens nearby. I am not sure how many times I have passed the gardens, but only recently realized what they were.

We enjoyed our trip very much. The people we met were super friendly and helpful. They seemed to go out of their way to help the kids enjoy their trip.  Adrian was excited when he was given a scavenger hunt to do.  When they completed it, the kids earned a chance to dig through a treasure box full of mini erasers and stickers.

It was a beautiful garden and I look forward to taking the older kids.

Chitter Chatter

ChitterMeet Chitter Chatter, a super friendly squirrel-named by Audrey- that visited us at my Mom’s house.

Daddy and I were walking in the front yard and Chitter Chatter ran in front of us. She started up the tree and then came down and watched us for a little bit. I had my camera because Daddy wanted me to try some flower pictures for him.  Since the squirrel was just sitting there, I tried a picture.

When the camera “clicked” the squirrel started toward me.  I did not like that at all!  I backed away and put the camera down.  The squirrel retreated some and I tried another picture.  Once again, when the squirrel saw the camera come up and heard the click, she came closer. I put the camera down and she moved away. I held the camera up and she moved in. I would have played some more, but something startled the squirrel and she ran away.

I was telling Mom about the over friendly squirrel and she asked what color it was. I learned that an elderly lady down the street has been feeding the squirrels, and this one was probably hoping for something to eat!


Web LightsWhen we got up this morning, there was a thick fog. I had a few things that I needed to do, and then Mark came out with me. We were hoping to try some fog pictures by the neighbor’s field.

Because of the fog, everything was covered with a heavy dew. It was beautiful out. We were so busy exploring and finding neat things, we totally missed the fog!

I am looking forward to the next foggy morning to try the picture we started out for. I hope that I will remember to head that way first and  explore later.