Thanksgiving Praise–Play

I am thankful that we could take Saturday and play most of the day.  We went to church and helped to rake the leaves there.  After lunch, we went to Bonneyville Mill to see it decorated for Christmas.  The kids got to see Santa Claus.  I was laughing, because I knew who was playing Santa, but the kids could not figure out who he was.  Santa did a great job calling the kids he knew by first and last name :)  They finally figured out who Santa was, and we enjoyed a good laugh.

Then we visited the one room school house.  I have never been there, so enjoyed exploring.  I would love to see a class there for all ages, not just a select grade.  I would sign the kids up quickly!

I am thankful that everyone was feeling better and that we had a beautiful day just to enjoy each other and relax.

Thanksgiving Praise–Laughter

While there are many things that make Allan wonderful, one thing I really appreciate is his ability to do crazy things that make me laugh.

We helped rake leaves at church.  There were millions of them!  Mark  mentioned that it would be easier to count the sand on the beach, than the leaves at church 🙂 I am sure that was only a slight exaggeration!

After the leaves were put on tarps, they were drug over to a huge pit.  We had to wade through leaves in order to pile more on top.  It was fun and challenging.  After dumping our first load of leaves, Allan took my hand and as he helped me over the leaves, said to be careful and then he bumped me.  We ended up in a huge pile of leaves with someone’s kids (they sounded vaguely like some boys that I know) throwing leaves over us.

Andrea “just happened” to be there with the camera, and managed to capture a fun memory for us.

To give you an idea of how many leaves there were, Mark dug a hole that did not quite reach the bottom.  He was standing straight up in these leaves.  More leaves followed later in the day!


Thanksgiving Praise–Rest

I am so thankful for rest.  We get the chance to rest at night and when we take needed naps. We can curl up with a good book or put on relaxing music.  We don’t have to be busy all the time!

We are also able to trust in God and rest in his promises! Psalm 117:2 says “For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord  endures forever. Praise the Lord!”

Thanksgiving Praise

I am thankful for my children.

One loves to encourage people with notes.  Another shares gifts.  One flashes a grin to cheer someone up.  Another loves people, especially the elderly and babies.  And one, is watching and learning from all the others.

Each of them have strengths that they share. Those who can read, read out loud to those who can’t read well. Those who bake, share with the neighbors. Two love to work outside, while another prefers to clean house. They all share smiles and hugs often.

God created each child so special.  I am thankful that he created them as they are and that I get to be their Momma.



It’s Laura’s Fault!

Andrea has really enjoyed the Little House Books.  She asked if we could please make prairie girl outfits.  So Allan said that we could get the patterns and we used material that we already had. We ended up buying the “skirt” to Audrey’s apron, but we had enough of everything else to make all the girls outfits.

Then of course, they all had to go out and pretend to be in the Old West.


Thanksgiving Assignment

As we get ready for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, I gave the kids an assignment.  They need to think of one thing they are thankful for, take a picture, and then write a blog about it.  They need to try to do it everyday until Thanksgiving, though I might have them do it all month.

The “rules” are, in case you decide to join us, are easy.

  • Everyday, think of one special thing that you are thankful for
  • Take or draw a picture of it
  • Tell why you are thankful
  • Write a note about it
  • Praise God for his wonderful blessing!

Today I am thankful for simple things, like an old jar decorated with rock candy.  It is bright and colorful. It did not cost much, and requires very little maintenance. Clean up is easy too!