Two Year Old Hat Pictures

When Mark was little, he was given a denim hat.  He wore it often, so when I took him for his two year old pictures, I had him wear the hat and his favorite pair of overalls.  When Andrea got her two year old pictures, I had her wear the hat and overalls also.  Of course, now I had to get pictures of all the kids wearing the hat and overalls for their second birthday.

The place we got matching pictures from is not here anymore.  So, we set up our own studio today and attempted matching pictures. The colorized picture will eventually be put into a frame with the other two year old pictures.


Early in the summer, Allan bought me two daisy plants off of the clearance table for about seventy cents each.

They have bloomed continually all summer and through the few frosts we have already had.  I think these may be my new favorite patio flowers!

Fairy Dust

For school today, we took the kids to see the play Peter Pan. When we signed up for it, we did not realize it was a musical, so we were a little disappointed.  But, it was still fun to watch.

Adrian enjoys the story of Peter Pan and thought the musical was good.  He was not impressed with the pirates, but loved the crocodile.  Megan curled up on my lap and sat mostly still through the whole play.  The other kids were glad we went too.

This afternoon, Adrian noticed that some of my pictures had unfocused dots (bokeh)  in the background.  He asked if I could please get a picture of him with the “fairy dust”.  Maybe tonight, he will fly to visit with Peter Pan!

Pete and Mary

On Saturday, some friends of ours renewed their wedding vows.  Allan asked Pete and Mary if they wanted pictures of the ceremony.  Mary had not thought of getting pictures, but liked the idea.  So, I had the privilege of getting some pictures for Mary’s album.

The ceremony was very nice. It was simple but showed how Pete and Mary want to follow Jesus and make their marriage special.  I enjoyed being able to be there!

After the ceremony, I asked Mary if she minded getting a little cold.  The fall leaves were so pretty, I thought they might like outdoor pictures.  This one of them dancing is my favorite of all the pictures.



We went to the zoo for school today.  The kids were supposed to observe the animals that God created and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Adrian was excited to see the tiger.  He keeps saying that tigers (and Tiggers) are his favorite animal.  At the tiger cage, Mark discovered a little “cave” with a window that we did not know about.  He rushed back excitedly to tell us that the tiger was really easy to see there.

So, everyone ran and pressed up to the glass to watch the tiger pacing. When the tiger got close to the window, everyone realized how big tigers really are. Even behind thick glass, the tiger intimidated everyone enough that we all took a step back –at the same time– when it got to the window!