Fall Fun

What a beautiful fall day! We went to Oxbow for Science Class.  It was chilly, but we had fun looking for animals and tracks.  After lunch and some reading time, the kids went outside and raked a huge leaf pile to play in. As I took the leaf pile picture, the kids yelled, “Hi Opa and Oma!”

First “Horse” Ride

Adrian loves when the older children have Science Sleuths and he can go on his date with Momma.  This afternoon he was able to take his little sister to one of his favorite playgrounds. He also got to take her on her very first bouncy horse ride! While Megan did not enjoy the ride as much as Adrian, she still had fun.

We heard some turkeys, so went exploring. We were not able to find them, but hope to look for them the next time we are at the park.