Spring Nature Walk

Yesterday, Adrian and I got to explore Oxbow Park while the older kids had Science Slueths.  We spent our time looking for signs of spring.  Adrian got to lead me around and we found many things–including our first turtle of the year! While I would still love to make another snowman this year, I am excited for spring!


Adrian has white chocolate chips in his hands. Here is his story about them.

“You can eat them.  You can plant them.  You put them in the dirt snow and they turn into seeds.  They grow into a chocolate chip tree.  The tree is blue and the chocolate chips are black!”

I found the following poem while looking for new ones for the kids to memorize.  I thought it fit very well!

Little Brother’s Secret

By Alfred A. Knopf (1924)

When my birthday was coming
Little Brother had a secret:
He kept it for days and days
And just hummed a little tune when I asked him.
But one night it rained
And I woke up and heard him crying:
Then he told me.
“I planted two lumps of sugar in your garden
Because you love it so frightfully.
I thought there would be a whole sugar tree for
your birthday.
And now it will all be melted
O the darling!


The changing weather has given us lots of fun outdoor activities. We are making our own syrup and taking walks outside again. The other day Adrian fell into a mud puddle up to his waist. Today they broke the ice off of those puddles and played with the ice sheets!

Glorious Morning

Did you get a chance to really look at the frost this morning?  It was beautiful!

The children called it “spikes” but it is really hoar frost. These pictures are of air hoar frost, frost on objects above the ground! We were able to explore and enjoy it for awhile until the sun came out.

Maple Syruping

Learning to read and do math is important.  Learning by doing and experimenting is so important too.

God designed boys to work.  Learning to work hard while enjoying their work and improving on their best is a lesson too few of today’s boys ever learn.

As a friend said, “You can read about how to maple syrup, or you can make your own.” If you want to see how we made our own, please check out Mark’s blog. Learning to make maple syrup is a lot of work, but the end result is delicious!

Winter Fun

My favorite quote this week was when I heard Adrian talking to Mark after Mark threw some snowballs at me.  He told Mark, “I love my Mommy.  Don’t hit my Mommy”. Of course, Adrian was perfectly okay if he was hitting me with snowballs!

Winter Beauty

Yesterday we were taking a walk for a science art project we were doing.  We were looking for pretty things to make a collage out of. I took my camera just in case…and look what I found!

These red breasted birds are not Robins, but Bluebirds. I was told that they will stay around over the winter if they can find a warm home and food.

Walking in the Woods on a Snowy Day

The older children had Science Sleuths today.  It was cold, but a beautiful day out, so Adrian and I took a walk at the park.  We had not gone far when we noticed the first deer.

We watched it for awhile before realizing there was another deer with it.  After exploring the park, hearing and finding a blue Kingfisher by the lake, throwing sticks into the water and writing in the snow, we saw our deer again.  Only then did we discover there were at least five hidden in the bushes.  Unfortunately for us, there were to many brambles to get all their pictures.

What a wonderful gift from God! Going for a walk in the “dead” wintery woods and seeing so many of his creations.