Lenten Rose

We have started our spring hunt for flowers. This one is from our neighbor’s yard. I learned today that it is also called Hellebores, Lenten Rose or Winter Rose. It comes in different colors; white, rose, purple, and green.

Last week, I was given a plant from a friend. It was not doing well in her yard, and I am hoping it does very well here. Now to find some other color Lenten Roses to add to my garden.

Limb Down

On Friday, we had a snow storm.  We received at least 4 inches of snow.  It was windy and there was also thunder and lightening.  The snow turned to rain and by early afternoon on Saturday, most of the snow had melted. 

So now the kids are working on cleaning up a “limb” that fell off our maple tree.  They went out today without my asking and started cleaning it up.  Their reason?  They told me that they were going to clean it up so that Andrea could go swing sooner rather than later.

“Aim For Momma!”

It is a silly game we play, sort of like chicken. For them to win, the kids need to steer the sled in such a way that they can get close enough to hit me on the legs with their hands, but they are not allowed to run me over. If I move as they are coming, I lose.

In the years we have “played” this game, I can not remember ever being run over. But the kids are getting very good at steering so close they hit my legs a lot. Adrian is great at this game and Megan is quickly improving. Both together, and I almost never win.