“Aim For Momma!”

It is a silly game we play, sort of like chicken. For them to win, the kids need to steer the sled in such a way that they can get close enough to hit me on the legs with their hands, but they are not allowed to run me over. If I move as they are coming, I lose.

In the years we have “played” this game, I can not remember ever being run over. But the kids are getting very good at steering so close they hit my legs a lot. Adrian is great at this game and Megan is quickly improving. Both together, and I almost never win.


When the kids were little, they slept under Oma and Opa’s kitchen table on Christmas Eve. Once they watched the Nutcracker, they tried to catch Santa, and often woke up early because some adult needed to get into the kitchen.

Of course they all outgrew that, but we decided to pretend one year. There is no way the kids could all sleep under the table anymore.

After celebrating at Oma’s and Opa’s, we enjoyed Christmas at our house.

The Grinch has almost always been a favorite character of Mark’s. This year, Mark and Adrian got to meet him.


The neighbors gave the kids matching sweatshirts for Christmas. The kids had been working on their alpaca farm since Mark was 12. A few of the sweatshirts are still worn.
Adrian reading the Christmas story.
Andrea and Mark loved to see who could keep their face in the snow the longest.