Family Camp Out

This weekend we participated in Oxbow’s Family Camp Out.  Once a year, Oxbow has an overnighter.  Friday night we set up camp, played games and met the other families.  We enjoyed kettle corn and roasted marshmallows. The kids and I have been to classes to learn how to start fires with flint and steel, and for the first time on Friday, everyone was able to start their own fire!

We learned about owls and their calls and then went on a night hike. We were hoping to find a owl.  Half way through, one of the naturalists got really excited and asked if we had seen the owl.  The whole group looked where he was pointing and after a few minutes of searching and trying to find it, we found the planted stuff owl that was put out earlier.

Everyone made it to bed after midnight and got up early.  We had been told there were fox kits in the park and we went looking for them.  Instead, we ended up caught in a downpour.

We headed down to breakfast, wanting to dry off a little by the fire. Then we had a fish shocking demonstration and saw some neat fish.  Some of the group learned to pan for gold in the river and some learned about reptiles and amphibians.  Audrey noticed a turtle and the kids got to watch a turtle laying her eggs. We learned about identifying birds by their nests and practiced what we learned by looking for nests.  After lunch it was time to head home for much needed naps!

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hearts.smAll day today the kids have been whispering and extra giggly.  After soccer practice, I came home to discover a surprise half birthday party for me!  The kids decorated the table with love notes and paper dogwood flowers they had made. We had rhubarb pie and ice cream for dessert.  Megan brought me some handpicked flowers. Mark bought me a planter with some herbs the kids chose for me to grow.

I am one extremely spoiled Momma!

Momma Bird

EggsThe kids ran in to tell me that found a bird’s nest.  This morning we looked at it again, and discovered a bird sitting on her eggs!

We had fun researching what kind of bird this is.  We think it is a red eyed vireo with her egg and two cowbird eggs. A lazy cowbird momma will lay her eggs in another bird’s eggs and let the other bird take care of them.

We will keep watch over this nest. The kids are also watching for other nests. We are really hoping to find a hummingbird nest!