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On Father’s Day we went to Allan’s parents house.  For the first time in a long time, the entire family, except for Beth who was sick, was together.  It was a great afternoon!


BlackberriesWe found a wonderful batch of wild blackberries.  We can pick enough for snacking, but most are surrounded by a poison ivy forest. Though there is plenty for blackberry jam, I think we will let the birds enjoy most of the berries.  Even decked out with jeans, long sleeves and high boots, I think the poison ivy still would have an advantage!


FilmstripYesterday, Audrey shared how to raise butterflies at a summer reading program for Goshen Library.  There were many different people sharing activities that are perfect for summer.

Our friend, Mark Daniels, was there drawing caricatures and discussing art.  The “charge” for getting a caricature done was to ask a question about what he does.  Then he would pay them with a two minute drawing.