MomandbabyTwo days ago, the neighbor’s alpaca had a cria.  Luke is an adorable little guy! He was looking great and doing all he was supposed to do.

Last night though, they discovered that he is not eating.  He went to the vets and had a check up.  The neighbors are now feeding Luke a goat’s milk and yogurt meal until he learns to nurse properly.

I believe that God enjoys listening and helping his children when they need help.  I don’t think that he thinks anything is too silly to ask about.  Would you please pray with us about the new cria?

He needs to learn to eat and he needs to start growing.  The kids already love him.  I know that they are learning a lot watching him be sick.  They will learn more as they learn to bottle feed him and take care of him to help the neighbors.  Please pray for them through this lesson!  Pray too for the neighbors as they take care of the little guy.



Greer Spring and Blue Spring

Greer Spring

Blue SpringsSince Sickie was feeling slightly better, we decided to go exploring a little before heading home from Missouri.

We hiked down into Greer Spring.  The woods we walked through were beautiful.  Then we drove a little way and tried hiking to a few different springs along the same trail.  We stopped at Blue Spring and tried to walk further, but decided that the ticks won this time and we returned to the car. Even though we checked and double checked everyone before leaving, we still discovered a few on our way home.

The trip home was uneventful.  We stopped at a few places to stretch and the kids slept or read most of the trip home. We finished reading all but two chapters of Tom Saywer.

Once we got home, we started the fun job of cleaning everything!  We put our waterlogged camera in a bowl of rice.  Within a week, it had dried out enough to start working properly again!


Megan spinningAndrea, Megan and I had fun roaming the park yesterday.  Megan was fascinated with the spinning toy and kept asking to be spun. Then she would dizzily run away to swing or slide down the twisty slide.

When we got home, she happily curled up next to me to read.  It was not long before she was sound asleep.

Today’s Smile-Butterflies

Butterfly 16June2014Audrey is raising butterflies again this year. She has Monarchs, Eastern Black Swallowtails, and Painted Lady caterpillars. She researches butterflies in the area and how to find them.  Then she searches for them in fields and gardens.  We are planting butterfly gardens hoping more come to visit.

Audrey spends hours everyday looking for new caterpillars, collecting food, and cleaning the caterpillar’s hotel rooms.  She has learned so much, that she has been invited to teach other children about butterflies!

To the Narrows Access

Canoe Our wonderful trip ended much quicker than we anticipated.  We wanted to spend out last night at Morgan Spring Float camp.  Even though we used our GPS and watched for camp signs, we still missed it completely.

We stopped at an access point we did not expect and was not on our map.  We canoed up and down the river a few times, trying to find our camp, but realized that it was probably up some rapids we had gone through.  We knew that we were heading out of the park and there were no campsites after this last float camp.

FeetWe realized we had two choices, either call and ask to be picked up  or canoe a few more hours to the last access point to be picked up. Everyone was tired and sore.  Most everyone’s feet were bandaged up from the blisters we had. As disappointed as we were, we decided it was best to stop a few miles early.

God was taking care of us. A few hours after we got back, one of the kids got really sick and started vomiting.  The whole night was miserable for sicky and us!

Allan took sicky to a nearby clinic to make sure everything was okay.  We were thinking dehydration (though we knew everyone was drinking) or bugs from the water (even though we filtered it).   Turned out to be “sick” with slight dehydration.

As I told my friend, what is vacation without someone getting sick?


PaddlingDuring camps, the kids had been in canoes.  They learned a few basic strokes. So, at the beginning of our trip, Mark, Andrea and Audrey were still novices at best.

They were intimidated by a lot of things.  They often got out and walked because they were not sure they could go through.

However, they very quickly learned how to navigate the Class I and II rapids we went through.  Trees were still a little intimidating, but they learned to maneuver around them or how to dunk under them.  Since their canoe weighed a lot less then our canoe, they were able to go places we had to walk through.

TreeAndrea had the vantage point, and she often encouraged the kids, “come on, we can do this!” and they would. Once, Andrea and Audrey  were able to dunk under a tree but Mark was too tall. His paddle got caught in the tree and he ended up in the water without turning it over.

We knew that there were rapids near the end of the trip that we probably wanted to walk through.  We knew that they were harder than the other rapids and there was a drop off in them.  Someone asked at almost every rest stop, “are we getting close to the rapids?”

When we finally reached them, it was a lot earlier than we expected.  We knew the water was louder and the white caps much larger than the others we had passed.  We did not see the drop off until we were right on it.  As we went over and a lot of water splashed into the boat, we realized this was “the rapids” we had been watching for.  The kids took them like pros.  Mark said if he had seen the drop off, they would have walked it, but was glad he did not see it.  They wanted to do it again!

What Megan and Adrian Did

Megan and AdrianFor most of our trip, Megan sat on a backpack just in front of Allan.  Adrian sat behind me.  Occasionally he would turn around so he could face Megan and lean into me.

Early on we discussed how Lewis and Clark traveled and pretended that we were them. Megan wanted a special name and finally decided on Princess Tiny Frog, in honor of the tiny frogs she had discovered and played with on a beach. Adrian decided he would be Pomp.  During the week, they would often call each other their made up names.

PlayingIt did not take long for Megan to discover that she could lean over and play in the water.  Soon Megan and Adrian played in the water whenever we were in a smooth part.  Adrian would ask to row for a short while too.

When we hit rapids, they learned to sit in the middle with their hands in their laps or on the bar in front of them.  They only had to get out and walk a few rapids and most of the time they could stay in the canoe while Allan and I guided the canoe through the mid-calf deep water.

During one stop, they loaded huge handful of rocks into the canoe.  Every so often, they would throw a rock into the water.  Another time, they folded and refolded the gum wrappers that they claimed. Megan practiced her favorite song, “God’s not dead, he surely alive” by the Newsboys over and over and over.  Adrian asked us “millions” of trivia questions.  They both enjoyed helping us watch for animals.

On the last day, the kids asked if they could change seats for a short while.  They soon discovered the original seating plan was much more comfortable and happily rearranged at our next stop.

Boze Mill Spring

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Boze Mill Spring Float Camp was beautiful!  Each float camp had a toilet, a few campsites spread out, fire pits and places to hang food bags.  Most were only accessable by boat, but you could drive into this one.

Over the holiday, people visited one camp site but did not understand what “Leave No Trace” meant.  They left more trash then everything we carried in one canoe! That was frustrating!  But the other sites where mostly clean, and we enjoyed relaxing there.

Stinking Pond Hollow to Boze Mill Spring

SpillwaySince leaving our first access point, we had rain and some minor storms pass by.  Whenever we heard thunder, we would pull over and take a break until the thunder passed.  The only major storm we had was on day three.

We had a great day canoing.  The kids were getting more comfortable and learning new strokes.  They attempted more rapids and moved a lot faster than they had.  We noticed the sky growing dark, but we really wanted to get to Boze Mill Spring float camp.  We pushed it some and got there soon after lunch.Boz Camp

We set up camp and took a short walk to explore when a storm hit!  We all curled up the kids tent and read four chapters of Tom Sawyer.  Some of us dozed.

This float camp was really nice.  It had large spaces for tents, fire pits, and –Megan’s favorite–a pit toilet!  It also had a spring to explore and the remains of an old mill.  We walked around exploring and just enjoying the time.Bathroom

Even though we had used strong bug spray, the ticks still loved us.  We found three types, deer ticks, spotted ticks and little tiny ones.  We were told later that it was still too early in the season, but there was an even smaller tick that lives there.  I am not sure how many ticks we got rid of, but there were a lot!  I found many of them because someone had a new “freckle”, so we nicknamed the ticks moving freckles.

DinnerDinner each night was re-hydrated meals that we had prepared at home.  Each of the kids took turns learning to cook the meal with Daddy.Bear Bag

Every night, we hung our food in bear bags.  We were told that there were bears in the area, but they are rarely seen.  We were more afraid that raccoons or other critters would find our food.