Feet (Revisited)

Feet (revisited)Allan had a business trip to Chicago yesterday.  Once the kids were in bed, I experimented with a new idea I found.  I am not sure when or where I heard the term “Platinum”, but I liked how it looked.  I did a little research on how to do platinum effect and discovered it looks really neat on scenery.  Just for fun, I tried it on a people picture.  The results were impressive!

The original picture can be found here.

Thanksgiving Praise–Imagination

I am so thankful for the imaginations that my children have. They all use their imaginations to create.  They make forts, rearrange rooms, reinvent things, write stories and songs, or become someone they are not.

Yesterday, Mark had some free time after school.  The house was quiet since everyone else was busy in their rooms.  In less than an hour, he created a video that is really neat.  It is too large to post it all, but here is the first part of his stop motion video BLASST-OFFFF!

I am so thankful for the imagination that God gives us!  I pray that my children will never lose their ability to imagine.

Adrian’s Birthday Cake

I thought you might like Adrian’s version of this story.

For my birthday, I wanted a Tigger cake. First I asked for it to look like Tigger (a molded cake), then orange with brown stripes. While we were playing outside, Momma sneaked baking the cake.

When we came inside later, Daddy and Momma were teasing that Oma was bringing the cake. When Oma arrived, she did not have the cake. I was sad, but I sort of knew they were teasing. They keep on teasing me that nobody brought the cake!

Then it was time for dessert and there was cake! I said that Santa Claus brought the cake and ice cream 🙂 Momma did a good job sneaking that cake. My favorite part was eating Tigger’s tail!

Home School Field Trips

One of the nice thing about homeschooling is the ability to go on educational field trips!  This week we are in the Kalahari, a waterpark in Ohio.  Our family is at an “unschoolers waterpark gathering”.  We will meet other homeschoolers, most with different philosophies on life, play in the water until we are sick of it, and have the chance to play as a family.

The children will do school, but it won’t be paper and books.  We will interact with strangers, explore unknown places, have lots of gym time, learn to do new things and just enjoy life school.

Our first activity (art 🙂 ) was to decorate our door.  This week, as the kids color additional pictures of African animals, we will put their art work on our doors.



Fire Pit

This weekend, we had Allan’s cousin and family over. Allan got some of the kids to help him dig a fire pit. We had been talking about building one in the woods for awhile.

The pit turned out very well! The boys and Allan did most of the digging, Andrea was our photographer and helped with the construction. Allan and his dad worked on the brick laying. Mark and Uncle Kai made a wonderful dinner for everyone.

We enjoyed the fire, roasting marshmallows, eating s’mores and being able to relax together.