AssistantLast weekend was my niece’s wedding. Esther had an outdoor wedding near my parent’s house. The weather was perfect and the leaves were starting to show their colors. It was a wonderful day for a wedding.

Esther had asked me months ago to be her photographer.  Knowing I would need a second camera, I recruited an extremely handsome and talented photographer.  Not only was he the assistant photographer, he was my encourager!

Thank you Allan for all your help. You are wonderful! I love and respect you very much!

CC Club

Bridge On Friday, the kids and I went with my Mom and explored the Conservation Club down the road from my parent’s house. When I was growing up, we were there often, exploring and enjoying the paths.  Once we went with a friend’s older brother, who took us through some unknown territory, but we usually stuck to our favorite paths.Long steps

Friday we discovered that we missed a lot of great spots growing up!  Andrea discovered a neat bridge and then she and Mom found a path that took them near the river.  We were running short on time, so we could not explore that path, or my favorite one growing up.  We plan to visit what we always called the “CC club” again soon.  I know it should be the EC -Elkhart Conservation-Club, but I much prefer our childhood mistaken name.


SoccerFall soccer has started up again.  Audrey chose not to play soccer this year. Maybe one day she will race, but for now, she is happy just to run.

Andrea is playing on a traveling U13 team.  Most of the girls are from her team last year, but she has a new coach and a few new players.  We have watched her new coach and are impressed with what we see.  We also like the improvements Andrea is making.  The best part though is listening to her giggle and watching her smile while she plays.


AnnasmileOn Saturday, I took my camera to the park for practice.  My only goal was to try something different.

Anna is the daughter of one of Allan’s coworkers from a previous job. She is a very talented harpist and we have gone to listen to her play a few times. I always enjoy listening to her.

I practiced my photography on Anna.  She was not as intimidating as a stranger!

Check out Anna’s page. And if you contact her, let her know I sent you.

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Grandma and Dash

GrandmaGrandma snuggling My parents and grandma came to visit this afternoon.  While they were here, the neighbor came and yelled, “We have a baby!” Of course, the kids all took off running to see the newest alpaca.

My grandma, who will be 95 on Monday, asked what was going on. Then she said she wanted to see and took off down the driveway too!  She was half way down our LONG drive when we finally caught up with her.  We told her it was a long walk to the neighbors and she rode the rest of the way.

Grandma’s smile was huge as she hugged on the newborn alpaca.  When we asked if she wanted to hold him, she smiled even more.  Even though the alpaca did not snuggle very well, he let Grandma enjoy him for a few minutes before returning to his Momma.

We are very thankful for the newest alpaca.  We have been praying for him a lot.  Mark has been watching for the last month, heading over 4 or 5 times a day to see if he arrived. He was named Dash and weighed 18.6 pounds. He appears to be healthy and is eating very nicely.

Grandma Bea

I am so thankful that my children know and love their Great Grandmas. We don’t see Grandma Green very often, she lives in Colorado, but the kids enjoy corresponding with her.

My grandma lives with my parents over the summer.  Every year the kids look forward to Grandma Bea coming “home”. We will visit with her and the children will show her different projects they are working on. Grandma will share some stories with them.  We enjoy having her near us for a few months!

It has become tradition for the kids to measure their growth when they first see Grandma at the beginning of summer and then again before she leaves.  Mark has done the most growing this year. For some reason “outgrowing Grandma” turns into a celebration of sorts. It looks like Audrey will celebrate this year.


We had a wonderful Easter this year. We had invited family and friends to come celebrate and enjoy the day with us. Thirty people showed up!

At church we were reminded that it does not matter how you celebrate Easter. Easter is about Christ’s redemption of our sins! He died on a cross and come back to life for my sins, and that is why we celebrate!

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