Praise and Request

IMG_3735.CD Last night my niece, Esther,  and her fiancée were in a motorcycle accident. They are okay, but got beat up pretty badly. Alan’s motorcycle does not look so nice anymore either.

Please pray for them.  They have been saving money for their wedding, but now have hospital bills and a bike that needs to get fixed up.  They will both miss some work too.  Pray that they heal quickly and that there were no hidden injuries.  The praise though, is that both of them are all right and neither got hurt worse.

Esther and Alan

IMG_3324.bwA few weeks ago, Esther asked if I could take some engagement photos of Alan and her.  I told her that I would love to try.

We met at the park where Alan proposed on a cold, rainy day.  I loved the overcast sky, but my flash did not like the cold!  A few days later we met again to try a few more ideas that Esther had. The sun was out, it had snowed, and it was even colder!

It was fun taking couple pictures.  My absolute favorite is the sepia on top.  I love Alan’s serious look. It is different than most engagement pictures that is all about the girl. Some of my other favorites are in the slide show below.

If you are interested in seeing more of the pictures, I am sure that you could persuade Esther to show them to you. She would also enjoy introducing you to Alan and showing off her ring too. Please continue to pray for Esther and Alan as they plan next year’s fall wedding.

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MeganWhen Allan has a business trip, we try to call everyday. Sometimes we can talk a few times during the day.  With him in China this time, talking is a little trickier.

According to the kids, Allan is in the future, since he is thirteen hours ahead of us.  When we get up in the morning, he is exhausted and ready to crawl into bed.  Jet lag is not fun! By the time he comes home next week, he will have to readjust to “normal” time.

I am very thankful for Skype!  Allan calls us over the computer as often as he can. We can see each other and talk. Our conversations are short, but Allan does not seem as far away this way.

Megan is struggling with missing her Daddy.  She woke up last night calling for him.  After snuggling and reminding her that Daddy loves her very much and will call soon, she fell back to sleep.  I am so glad that she has a way to talk to him everyday.

Talking to Allan
Talking to Allan

The only negative is that she seems to think if she gets the headphones on Daddy will be on the computer, ready to talk to her.  I find her by the computer with the headphones a few times everyday.  Just waiting….




Esther Ring on leafMy niece Esther is engaged!

Please pray for her and Alan as they seek out what a healthy marriage is and how they need God to be part of it.

Please also pray as she tries to plan a beautiful outdoor fall wedding.  She has many great ideas and is working hard on finding needs at a reasonable price.

Congratulations Esther and Alan.  We are praying for you as you get ready!


McGuire Family Reunion

FamilyThe main reason we went to Colorado this year was for a McGuire family reunion.  The last time we had a family reunion was when Audrey was one month old!

We met at a small camp that Allan’s parent’s families helped to build in the late 50’s.  We had fun learning a little of the history of the camp and also some neat family stories.

I was asked to be the camp photographer for the reunion. I was very nervous about it, but enjoyed the challenge. I think that the candid pictures turned out well, but I wish I could redo most of the individual family pictures.  I mentioned to everyone that I could do family pictures and a few families got them done early.  Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday with a horrible headache, probably from the late nights and altitude. It calmed down a lot after a nap, but it never really went away.  When it was time for group pictures, I could not think of all the neat ideas that I had planned.  Since everyone was leaving after lunch, I did not have time for “redo’s”.  I guess my big lesson is…insist on family pictures early!

If you want to see more reunion pictures, click one of the above links.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I had the privilege of taking some maternity pictures of Michelle and Phil on Tuesday.  They are eagerly looking forward to meeting their first little one in the next couple of weeks.  I am glad that the baby waited so we could get some pictures.

UmbrellaEven though it was very chilly out, Phil and Michelle were good sports and had most of their pictures taken outside. We took mini breaks of hot tea or warm banana bread while we enjoyed chatting.

Between school and other responsibilities, I am working on editing their pictures. Hopefully, I can get the pictures to Michelle before she meets her little one!

ShoesCongratulations Phil and Michelle! We are praying for you and baby 🙂

Get Away

Allan and JoyceOn Sunday, Allan and I went away for mini vacation at Serenity Springs near Michigan City. We stayed in a little cabin that we got to by horse and buggy. If we needed anything, we put a note in a box and then turned on a signal light.

Serenity Springs CarriageWe spent the weekend being extremely lazy. It was a great way to relax with Allan before he started his new job this week.