John and Alysse’s Wedding

This weekend we were able to go to Canada to celebrate a friend getting married.  I got to know John and his family when Allan and I lived in Swaziland. Then we all got to know the “grown up” John when he stayed with Allan’s parents during school holidays.

It was a nice surprise to see some of the other missionaries we knew in Swaziland too.

Congratulations John and Alysse!

Thanksgiving Praise…Lauri

My sister Lauri is recuperating from a bad fall!  She had the flu and  fell when she got dehydrated.  She is better and getting lots of needed sleep.  I am very thankful that she was not hurt worse in the fall and that she is able to get the rest she needs to heal.


(Dad just gave me a few fun slides of when we were little, and I thought this one of Lauri very cute!)

Thanksgiving Praise–God’s Protection

I am so thankful for God’s protection for two of my friend’s families this weekend.

The Woods were driving home when a deer ran in front of them. The car spun 180 degrees and the deer hit the passenger side mirror.  They landed in a ditch across the road. Because they landed in a not to steep section of the ditch, they were able to drive out, snap the mirror into place and go home.  The deer ran away, leaving a little fur and skin.

Another friend’s son Thomas, got sick and started acting strange.  After a visit to the hospital, he was sent home.  He slept most of yesterday and today is feeling much better.

Thank you God for taking care of us all the time!


Thanksgiving Praise–Laughter

While there are many things that make Allan wonderful, one thing I really appreciate is his ability to do crazy things that make me laugh.

We helped rake leaves at church.  There were millions of them!  Mark  mentioned that it would be easier to count the sand on the beach, than the leaves at church 🙂 I am sure that was only a slight exaggeration!

After the leaves were put on tarps, they were drug over to a huge pit.  We had to wade through leaves in order to pile more on top.  It was fun and challenging.  After dumping our first load of leaves, Allan took my hand and as he helped me over the leaves, said to be careful and then he bumped me.  We ended up in a huge pile of leaves with someone’s kids (they sounded vaguely like some boys that I know) throwing leaves over us.

Andrea “just happened” to be there with the camera, and managed to capture a fun memory for us.

To give you an idea of how many leaves there were, Mark dug a hole that did not quite reach the bottom.  He was standing straight up in these leaves.  More leaves followed later in the day!


Pete and Mary

On Saturday, some friends of ours renewed their wedding vows.  Allan asked Pete and Mary if they wanted pictures of the ceremony.  Mary had not thought of getting pictures, but liked the idea.  So, I had the privilege of getting some pictures for Mary’s album.

The ceremony was very nice. It was simple but showed how Pete and Mary want to follow Jesus and make their marriage special.  I enjoyed being able to be there!

After the ceremony, I asked Mary if she minded getting a little cold.  The fall leaves were so pretty, I thought they might like outdoor pictures.  This one of them dancing is my favorite of all the pictures.