Pete and Mary

On Saturday, some friends of ours renewed their wedding vows.  Allan asked Pete and Mary if they wanted pictures of the ceremony.  Mary had not thought of getting pictures, but liked the idea.  So, I had the privilege of getting some pictures for Mary’s album.

The ceremony was very nice. It was simple but showed how Pete and Mary want to follow Jesus and make their marriage special.  I enjoyed being able to be there!

After the ceremony, I asked Mary if she minded getting a little cold.  The fall leaves were so pretty, I thought they might like outdoor pictures.  This one of them dancing is my favorite of all the pictures.


The Wood Family

Some friends asked if I would take some family photos of them. Jen asked that we wait for the fall leaves, and I think that we went on a great day!

Last Thursday we met at Bonnyville Mill for pictures and dinner.   The weather was warm and the leaves beautiful.  

After pictures, we enjoyed relaxing over dinner and talking.  The kids ran around playing tag. Unfortunately, it got dark, so we had to leave.

Thanks Jen, for asking me to get pictures of you all! It was a lot of fun 🙂

Photography Practice

During camp, I volunteered to take pictures of the weekends.  Megan came with me and we really enjoyed trying to get pictures that were more than just pictures.  I don’t think I did very well the first weekend, though I do have a few pictures that were what I was hoping for.

The second weekend had fewer campers and I was called “Mrs. Photographer” a few times.  I was able to talk with some of the campers, getting to know them a little. I was surprised to have a few kids ask me to take pictures of them or their groups too.

Of course, I practiced on the my kids too.  While they knew I had the camera-they seem to think I always have a camera-I tried to get pictures while they were not paying attention to me or the camera.

I am more comfortable with taking pictures of strangers, but still need a lot of practice!


Quoting Audrey, “Yoohoo! I got it!”

I saw this marble picture the idea in a book and thought it was interesting.  I wanted to try it to see if I liked it on one of my pictures.  It is different, and I can see possibilities.  I even had fun playing with other pictures. But, I don’t think I will use it very often.

Family Picture

Allan took us to Potato Creek Tuesday afternoon.  It was humid, but a beautiful day to be outside. We took a walk on one of Allan and my favorite trails.  We used to walk there a lot because I really like the boardwalks and scenery.

We decided to try a family picture there.  It was the funniest attempt at a picture in a long time.  To get the picture, Allan set the camera timer and then maneuvered around a 90 degree angle, down the boardwalk, around a 45 degree angle and then raced to us.  To make it more fun, there was a huge spiny caterpillar around the railing by the camera, so he needed to be careful not to touch it as he rushed around the corner. Most of the time,  he made just before the camera flashed.

A Loves J

For our 17th anniversary, Allan and I wanted to get a good picture of just us.  We have very few, and the last one was taken over a year ago.  Before that?  I can’t remember. We tried, but they just were not right.  We did not want a formal picture, we wanted a fun one!

Then, Allan discovered a contest at a blog he reads.  To enter, we needed to send in a creative picture of the two of us and the number of years married.  If you head on over to the link, you can send your own picture. Or you can see when the voting is and see what other people came up with and vote for your favorite.

Well, our vacation this summer was mostly backyard stuff and a few day trips.  But Allan and I have been spending LOTS of evenings outside. So we decided to get our picture in the backyard.

Allan set up the camera and I did the writing with a flashlight.  After figuring out how it would all work, and what we wanted, we had fun playing!

Now, to get a good family picture!

Grandma’s Locket

On Sunday, Grandma was telling me about a choker she gave me.  It was her mother’s locket and has a picture of both of her parents inside. On the other side is her mother’s initials.

Since her mother died when Grandma was a year old, Grandma is pretty sure the necklace is over a 100 years old.  She assumes it is older than that, but is not sure.  She does not remember how she got the necklace, but she gave it to me a few years ago to enjoy.

Megan loves the locket. She went over and stole it from Grandma while we talked.  I made her return it and ask for it nicely.  Once she did, I let her wear the locket the rest of the evening.

Grandma’s Treasures

The other day, Grandma showed me how she wears her wedding ring.  She has both rings on a chain along with a few other things.

She told me that when they got married, Grandpa’s fingers were very thin, but after they were married his hands got very big and people would call them “hams” instead of hands.

When Grandpa was hurt during WWII, they thought that his ring was lost.  However, it was found and send to Grandma with Grandpa’s other belongings.

After Grandpa came home, he worked as a welder at Chrysler, so he did not wear his ring anymore.


Michigan City

We took the kids to Michigan City.  We got to explore replicas of the Nina and Pinta. Both were much smaller than expected!

Then we went to the Dunes and played in the sun all afternoon. Allan was able to borrow a stand up paddle board from a couple he started talking with.  I loved watching him try it out.

Everyone loved the water.  We also enjoyed rock hunting, finding fossils and learning how to skip rocks.

It was a great mini vacation!