Andrea and Mark were asked to be Junior Bride’s maid and Junior Groom’s man in their uncle’s wedding.  They did a great job yesterday.

Allan and I had the privilege to take the wedding pictures.  It was a fun challenge!  I will post more pictures later.

Congratulations Phil and Michelle!  Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

School Thursday–The Art of Persuasion

The first few days at the water park, Megan wanted MOMMA! She would fuss and cry unless she was very close (usually being held) by me.  I am not to fussy about most of the rides, so I was happy not to go on many. By Wednesday evening she was doing lots better, and Thursday, she was content to just be somewhere around us.

On Thursday, the kids started asking me to go with them.  “Come on Momma, it’s fun!”  “The only scary part is when you look down, and you can’t see without your glasses!”  “It’s dark most of the way, you won’t see anything.”

I raced the kids on the Cheetah race.  I yelled my way down the Swahili Swirl. Then Allan had the older kids watch Megan and he took me on the tube race.  They were not bad.  I would only do a few at time before saying that was good for now.

There were two other rides the kids thought I would like, but unfortunetly, we ran out of time. 🙂



Allan’s board

Allan tried not to work much  this last week.  He was able to play with the kids and take them on the “big kid” rides.

He decided to do the boogie board and it was exciting watching him.  There were a few guys sitting around watching.  I knew he was doing very well, but it was nice hearing other people complement him too.

Most people “wipe out” on their first few rides. Allan was able to stay on for over a minute (time limit) plus do a few tricks that many people struggle with.

His favorite ride though was one that many people skipped.  One day there was no one in line and he would do the ride and then hurry up the steps to do it again.  He would lay on his back and then spiral around a bowl until he dropped down a hole in the middle into a pool of water. I loved watching him having fun while showing off for me!


My side of the family enjoyed celebrating Christmas last night. We rarely all get together, so we made sure to get a family picture.

My brother, Joe, is sitting next to Momma. Daddy is holding Adrian and Megan.  My sister Lauri’s family is on the right.

Wonderful Memory

A little while ago, we found a roll of film while cleaning.  We had no idea how old the film was, but assumed a few years old. I took the film in to get it developed and found this wonderful Christmas memory!

The year Adrian was born, the McGuire boys decided to have a beard growing contest. There was no “winner” but we all enjoyed seeing all the fuzzy faces 🙂 Adrian is about 9 months old in this picture.