The Importance of an “A”

SoccerAndrea has enjoyed being able to sub for a younger team that practices with her.  She enjoys the girls and is learning new skills because the girls play differently.

Yesterday, Andrea was going to sub in a game near Fort Wayne.  We had a map and directions for street 11.  However, the street address was supposed to be 11a. We spent over 35 minutes searching for the soccer field, asking at four different places for help. The whole time we were within 5 miles of the field!

Andrea made it to the soccer fields 10 minutes late but was still able to play.  One girl came just after her and one of the moms commented that many had trouble finding the field.  And all because the address was missing an “A”.

The game went well.  In the first half, our girls scored 5 points.  We could not figure out why the other team improved so much during the second half.  Andrea told us on the way home that Coach promised the girls when they made 9 goals, after that, unless they headed the ball into the goal, that girl would have to sit on the bench for the rest of the game.  The girls made one goal, and then missed the goal the rest of the game.  But, they made all the attempts on goals look really good.

Soccer Substitute

Megan is going to tell you about today’s game.

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I love playing soccer. Today I played on a different team because the other team did not have enough players, they only had three.  So I played for them so everyone could play the whole game.

I liked it. I tried two goals. They did not make it.  One was really, really, close. My last two, I got two goals.  After my first goal, Momma gave me a big hug.  I gave Momma a hug.  I had a really big smile. I hope that I play with that team again. It was fun and the coach was really really nice. We had a tie 3:3!

We were really proud of Megan’s goals, even if they were for the other team! Because the younger teams do not keep score, some coaches like “borrowing” a player.  The kids love that they get to play longer.

The referee mentioned that Megan does slow motion goals.  She kicks the ball and we watch the ball slowly roll into the goal.

P.S.  Andrea and Allan took all the pictures today.  Didn’t they do great?

Soccer Coach

During Saturday’s game, I discovered a little boy from another field trying to play with our team.  His shirt was the same as ours and he had no idea he was on the wrong field.  My team never noticed he was not on our team.

I started list all the reasons why everyone needs to to coach a 5 year old/kindergarten soccer team.

  • IMG_8443_shareGames are stopped by the referee to tie someone’s shoe.
  • Players leave the field during the game to run and hug their parents.
  • Players chose to do cartwheels instead of chasing the ball.
  • If the ball gets kicked out of bounds and ends up in the field next to your game, the whole game will change fields and attempt a goal while another game is playing simultaneously on that field.IMG_8442_share
  • Instead of spreading out and passing as they learn in practice, the children all gather around the ball and play “bumble bee ball.”
  • When two players are told to scoot back some, they both scoot to the opposite side of the field, competing who can go further.
  • When a player kicks a ball, they are as likely to jump up and down excitedly that they kicked the ball, as they are to try to get it to the goal.IMG_8430_share
  • The players will ask at least 10 times during the game, “Is it okay to steal the ball?”  After being told to only steal from the other team, they proceed to steal from their team members.
  • Soccer is a full contact sport.  Full body contact with the ground is required at least once during each game.
  • Tantrums ensue when someone drinks “my” drink.  Of course, players must run and get sympathy from parents.
  • Players think the goal is to play keep away from everyone else.
  • Sharing the ball with team members is taboo because “it is fun to make a goal”.IMG_8428_share
  • If all else fails, a player must fall to the ground and use his legs to trap the ball, because the goal is not to share.
  • Players must tell coach each time someone steps on their toes or kicks their shin guards.
  • Seated bench warmers are not allowed.  Players sit on the ground, no matter how cold or wet it is.
  • IMG_7277In the course of a stumble, players must exaggerate the fall to the ground to demonstrate the sacrifice the player makes for the team and gain sympathy from parents.
  • When players get bored, they beg for a chance to sit on the bench and be cheerleaders.
  • Smiles or funny faces while kicking the ball is mandatory.
  • Before making a goal, a player must dribble the ball to the goal,  stop completely, do a little jig of excitement as they aim, then watch as the ball is stolen.
  • When games are over, players ask if there are extra snacks to share with their mommas.

There are many more reasons to be coach.  These are just some examples that happened during this Saturday’s game.  Unfortunately, we did not video tape this game as proof.

Meet Jonathan Miller!

I would love to introduce my niece’s little boy, Jonathan Miller.  He was born 28 April, 2016, at 12:46 pm.  He was 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  Esther is doing well.

Congratulations Esther and Alan.  Jonathan is adorable and we look forward to helping you spoil him.



The kids babysat the neighbor’s alpacas this last week.  Usually, they love the job and spend extra time over there enjoying “their” pets.

On Sunday, the kids went over and discovered Megan’s favorite alpaca caught between two fences.  They released her and quickly learned that Sing could not stand.  They tried calling the neighbors, but they were not available.  So they called the vet. The vet said to watch her and call back the next morning.

Reading before bed
Reading before bed

Megan mentioned to Audrey that she wanted to sleep in the barn with Sing and take care of her all night.  Then she told Andrea she wished Sing could come sleep in her bed.


Today, Mr. Beer took Sing to the vets just to double check how she was doing. She was very well behaved.  She needs to stay off her leg and get therapy to help it heal faster.  She can’t play out in the yard for awhile either.  But, she is fine and the kids are happy to help her during recovery.

And, even though Megan did not really get to sleep all night with Sing, she enjoyed the snuggle time and pretending that she did.