Soccer Weekend

andrea soccerWe had five soccer games this weekend. Andrea, subbing for another team, played in three games. Friday’s game was good, but they lost 1-2. Saturday’s game was vicious.  Andrea came home telling how mean the other team was. One of her team mates ended up with a bloody nose, one had a hurt leg and two were knocked out!  Andrea said she played the whole game, but was considering asking for a sub because the other team started going after her and she was getting mad at them. Marks team Today’s game was a rough game because the other team was really good, but they played fair and it was fun to watch.

While Allan took Andrea to her game yesterday, Mark was the coach for Adrian’s team.  Mark did a great job as coach. AdrianAdrian almost made a goal, the ball hit the goal frame and bounced back at him.  The kids played hard and won 3-1!

Megan played well too.  Audrey was her team’s main coach and tried to encourage the team to pass the ball and let the ones who had not made a goal yet, try for one.  That is difficult since we have a “me! me! team”.

teamMegan almost made a goal, but she did not really care that she missed.  She proved to me that she understood the reason for soccer the best on her team. She played hard and tried her best, and did not care about who made the goals. At the end of the game, she was excited about all the fun she had.  Megansoccer

We have no games over the holiday weekend.  We are looking forward to a quiet soccer week.

Climbing Trees

TreeAudrey discovered a bird’s nest in our Japanese Maple tree.  She has been climbing the tree everyday watching the baby birds hatch and grow.  Megan has been disappointed, because she wanted to see the babies too.

She has been trying hard to climb the tree with Audrey.  If someone gives her a boost up, she has been comfortable sitting on a bottom branch.  However; today, she really wanted to see the babies. So she managed to get over by Audrey and excitedly watched the birds for a few minutes.

Instead of hugging the tree coming down, she faced out. As she got to the last branch that someone needs to help her down at, she smiled big. Then she let go and jumped for me to catch her!

Challenge Cup Soccer Tournament

This weekend, Andrea had a soccer tournament.  It was different than others we have gone to because instead of earning tropheys, they earned the chance to play in another tournament next month.

IMG_9482_shareThe first day was so cold and windy, that everyone did their best to stay warm. We had taken hot drinks and wore many layers.  The IMG_9507_sharerestrooms  and cars were the only place to get out of the wind for a few minutes.  We were very thankful that no one planned a tailgating party.  We went out for lunch and took our time eating it while we warmed up!

Andrea’s team played hard.  Even though it was so cold, the first day’s games were the most fun to watch.  Both teams were evenly matched, so the girls worked to earn points. They ended up with a draw on the first game and 1-0 for the second.

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The final game was not so much fun to watch.  The girls played a team that played mean; 3 yellow cards and the referee kept talking to the girls. The girls even praised their team members for the yellow cards!

It was hard, but the our girls played fair and did their best.  We won 1-0! Once points were added up at the end of the tournament, we won this round and will be playing another tournament in a few weeks!