Audrey 2005

The Christmas when Audrey was 2, her Sunday School teacher was the best.  Kristi believed that teaching Bible truths could be done at any age.  She taught the children the whole Christmas story: we are all sinners and need a savior.  That Jesus, fully God and fully man, came to earth as a baby so that he could pay the penalty for our wrong doing when he died on the cross.  Jesus did not stay dead, but rose again!  

But she also let the children play.  One evening, Audrey and her friends pretended to be Mary and played with their babies.  

Physics Memory

Discovered this note to myself from Mark’s senior year in high school.

Our mornings are pretty predictable. Mark gets up, gets ready for the day and then works on the computer till 8:30 when he goes for his run.  While he is running, the other kids use the computer for math and a few other things.  When Mark gets back, he is usually upstairs by the time the others are done.

I went downstairs and noticed that his door was still closed when the rest of the kids were done.  I asked him what he was doing.  He replied “physics”.  Knowing he often works in his room, I asked what he was learning today.  He replied, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest”.  I laughed and told him to come upstairs, thus completing the rest of Newton’s first law of motion which states a body at rest tends to stay at rest until an external force acts upon it.

Twenty Seven!

So thankful for another year with Allan.  

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed the weekend at Camp Patmos.  It was a fun weekend talking with friends, serving a staff meal, hiking, playing in the pool and a boat ride in their new boat.  I also got to go tubing-I think-for the first time.  I can not remember tubing before. It was extra fun being able to go with Allan and with friends and the kids watching and cheering us on.

I love you Allan!