Perfect Weather

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I am not sure what the temperature was this morning, but it was very cold and very beautiful. The trees and bushes were white–completely covered with hoar frost!

As the sun was coming up, Andrea and I went outside to play with bubbles. I have been trying to get bubbles that are more spherical than semi-circle.  Today’s weather was perfect for success.

I know that most people are hoping that the weather starts to warm up and all the snow starts to melt, soon! I would love to try bubbles a few more times though.

Even though many days have been extremely cold, and the snow has piled up and lasted a lot longer than normal this year, it has been a good winter. The kids are outside playing hard most days. We have done many different cold weather experiments and projects. The after holiday cabin fever has not hit our house yet. And once the weather warms up, it is time for syruping!

(P.S. I asked Allan and he thought it was -9 degrees this morning!)

Dressed for the Weather

Mark's eyesWe have had some extra cold weather this winter.  According to the weather report right now, we have 3 degrees F, but with the wind chill and all it feels like -20 degrees.

However, even with it being so cold, we still go outside to play. My only rules are that the kids come in when I say–unless they get cold first–, keep their faces covered, and when they come in, get something hot to drink!Megan's eyes

Megan is expert at sledding downhill with a barely noticeable slit to see through. Since someone has to help her back up the trail, she is perfectly happy to sled “blind”. The rest of us prefer to see!



FrostFor school  we are writing Cinquains. There are different types, but I chose to do the simple Cinquain.

We learned they are five lines long with two syllables in the first line. Then they have four, six, eight and then two syllables again in the last line. They don’t have to rhyme, which makes it easier to do.


Jack Frost
Working all night
Painting exquisite pictures
For excited discovery

Activities Photo Gallery

The activity category for the park’s photo contest can be any picture taken in one of the county parks. I took a lot of pictures this year as I experimented and learned how to use my camera better, but none that really stand out. I had fun with these pictures, and it will be fun to share them with others.

Of course, I have an extra picture included. I think I know which one I will pull, but which do you think should be taken out?

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In case you are interested; I pulled the tire swing picture.