Grandma Bea

I am so thankful that my children know and love their Great Grandmas. We don’t see Grandma Green very often, she lives in Colorado, but the kids enjoy corresponding with her.

My grandma lives with my parents over the summer.  Every year the kids look forward to Grandma Bea coming “home”. We will visit with her and the children will show her different projects they are working on. Grandma will share some stories with them.  We enjoy having her near us for a few months!

It has become tradition for the kids to measure their growth when they first see Grandma at the beginning of summer and then again before she leaves.  Mark has done the most growing this year. For some reason “outgrowing Grandma” turns into a celebration of sorts. It looks like Audrey will celebrate this year.

My Daddy Loves Me

Chips Daddy surprised us this morning by stopping over with some treats.  He brought a bag of potato chips for the kids and a special bag just for me. He knows that I really like “burnt” chips-the darker the better!

After discovering a brand of chips we used to get while living in Detroit were available, he splurged and bought me a bag. And I don’t have to share, unless I want to 🙂

Today’s Smile

Princess Megan drawn by Megan 12 May 2014

This is beautiful princess Megan.  The writing on the side says “You are the best Mommy in the world. I love you.  Love, Megan.”

I am so glad that I can read three year old writing! It helps a lot that she is willing to help me read what I can not.


Andrea sittingAndrea asked if I could take some pictures for her last week. She had an idea that she wanted to try. After trying her idea, we had fun experimenting.

She is growing into a beautiful young lady. Not only is Andrea sweet and helpful around the house, but she is strong and willing to work hard. She is not afraid to get dirty working with the alpacas or to surprise us with new recipes she found and decides to try.

She is working hard on her reading and is improving.  She loves to read the Lord of the Ring Books or Chronicles of Narnia.  She often snuggles with Megan, reading Dr. Suess books.

I am so thankful that God gave us the gift of Andrea!Andrea leaning