Sign of Spring

Defrosting RiverRiverTen days ago, the kids and I took a field trip to the park to see if the river had frozen over. We were very happy to see that it was.

I am not sure what Megan thought, but she refused to stay near the water.  The other kids investigated the ice covered river. Adrian played by the side and Mark attempted a crossing. He was stopped half way by a concerned Momma.  Audrey discovered ice skating while Andrea explored near the shore. I enjoyed watching all the kids discover something for the first time and how each reacted to it.Defrosting River

DefrostingToday we returned to discover most of the ice was gone.  Spring is slowly coming!

Lamp Post

LampLast night, Mark and I went out to experiment with some pictures. When we left the house, big fluffy snowflakes were falling.

Mark and I enjoyed talking and laughing while we played around with a few pictures. The huge flakes had stopped much quicker then we hoped, but we still enjoyed taking night time snow pictures.


Perfect Weather

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I am not sure what the temperature was this morning, but it was very cold and very beautiful. The trees and bushes were white–completely covered with hoar frost!

As the sun was coming up, Andrea and I went outside to play with bubbles. I have been trying to get bubbles that are more spherical than semi-circle.  Today’s weather was perfect for success.

I know that most people are hoping that the weather starts to warm up and all the snow starts to melt, soon! I would love to try bubbles a few more times though.

Even though many days have been extremely cold, and the snow has piled up and lasted a lot longer than normal this year, it has been a good winter. The kids are outside playing hard most days. We have done many different cold weather experiments and projects. The after holiday cabin fever has not hit our house yet. And once the weather warms up, it is time for syruping!

(P.S. I asked Allan and he thought it was -9 degrees this morning!)