On Easter, I tried taking a current picture of all the cousins.  It is difficult to get eight children all to look nice at the same time 🙂

I tried again on Monday.  Monday’s is better, but I cheated.  I used a composite of all the pictures that I had and edited them.  I need more practice on composites, but I am happy with my first try.



The purple crocus are up in our backyard!

It is the first really nice day in a long time that we had time to be outside. I spent most of my “free” time in the crocus garden. I don’t have a micro lens, but wanted to see how close up my camera could get. I came inside with black kneed  jeans and a filthy shirt. The kids had fun kneeling in the dirt with me, trying to help me get the perfect picture.  It is the first time in a long time that I came in as dirty as they did 🙂


CrocusOn Thursday, Audrey came to show me the first crocus of the year.  We have some purple ones in the back that are starting to emerge, but are being slow this year.  This is the only yellow one and it is alone in the front yard. I keep thinking to replant it somewhere, but I like it just where it is.

Blanketed CrocusToday, we went to check on our crocus. It is snuggled in a blanket of snow :)  Isn’t Spring fun?

Adrian’s Birthday

Adrian's Swing setIt is so hard to believe that Adrian is 4 already!  Maybe you are saying, “Wow, I can’t believe that!”  Well, he is. Last year he turned 6 years old.  On his half birthday he turned 3. Since his birthday was yesterday, he is a year older.  You know that 3+1 = 4. Yesterday was his birthday and he turned 4.

If you happen to see Adrian, don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!  Remember, your 4th birthday only comes once 🙂 .

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I had the privilege of taking some maternity pictures of Michelle and Phil on Tuesday.  They are eagerly looking forward to meeting their first little one in the next couple of weeks.  I am glad that the baby waited so we could get some pictures.

UmbrellaEven though it was very chilly out, Phil and Michelle were good sports and had most of their pictures taken outside. We took mini breaks of hot tea or warm banana bread while we enjoyed chatting.

Between school and other responsibilities, I am working on editing their pictures. Hopefully, I can get the pictures to Michelle before she meets her little one!

ShoesCongratulations Phil and Michelle! We are praying for you and baby 🙂

On the Boardwalk

BoardwalkOn Monday, Mark, Megan and I enjoyed exploring Oxbow. It was raining lightly, so we chose to walk in the woods.  We were hoping to find some animals or neat flowers to add to our photo collections.

Mark took us off our normal trail and Megan enjoyed following.  When she got cold, she persuaded Mark to pick her up. After zipping Megan inside his coat, he walked on ahead, talking to Megan the whole way about some ideas that he wanted to try or singing some of Megan’s favorite songs.