At the Park

Andrea  AudreyAdrian MeganEven though it is cooling down quickly, it is still beautiful outside.  Mark had a biology class so he was not able to be at the park while Audrey and Adrian had a primitive living class. Before heading home, we took a little time to pose for pictures.


Bees on flowerMark and I have been experimenting with catching bees flying around flowers. We tease we need a “trained bee” that is taught to fly to a flower, pretend to collect pollen and then fly off before returning to the same flower.

We have learned a few lessons to make the pictures work.  I sat near this flower for about a half hour while the kids played watching a multitude of insects do their jobs. Observing them taught me a lot!  Hopefully, we can get out again so Mark has the chance to try another picture this year.

Princess Megan

Princess Megan
Princess Megan 2013

We put Megan’s hair up in “princess braids”–two braids pinned to the top of her head– for the first time on Saturday.  Andrea was excited because it used to be her very favorite hair style.

Megan liked the style and kept talking about being a princess. It looked as sweet on her as it did when Andrea wore it.

Andrea fall 2005
Princess Andrea 2005



GroundedOn most school days we walk. We use the walk to talk, discuss school things or just day dream out loud.

Even though it was colder this morning, we spent our walk looking for beautiful leaves. We collected some to press and took pictures of others. We were very thankful that yesterday’s rain did to seem to wash the leaves’ color away any.



Esther Ring on leafMy niece Esther is engaged!

Please pray for her and Alan as they seek out what a healthy marriage is and how they need God to be part of it.

Please also pray as she tries to plan a beautiful outdoor fall wedding.  She has many great ideas and is working hard on finding needs at a reasonable price.

Congratulations Esther and Alan.  We are praying for you as you get ready!