Skipping School


Yesterday, I skipped school! I told the kids and Allan what needed to get done, and I left the house.  I spend the next few hours enjoying a different morning.

Jared and RachealOur pastor and his wife areexcitedly waiting to meet their first grandchild. Kay likes some of the pictures I have taken and asked if I would take some pictures of their daughter in law, Rachael. I went to their house yesterday and learned some new things.

Rachael SittingRachael had seen a picture that she really wanted, so we took a lot of that pose. I wanted to get it just right. Kay helped a lot by noticing things I did not see.  I still struggle seeing details through the camera. But those little things do make a big difference.

I enjoyed my morning out.  I was able to play with my camera and practice what I have been learning.  Reading is good, but doing is so much better Laughingwhen you are trying to improve. I had fun being able to try something totally new.  Plus, it was a short break from my daily routine, so I had a mini holiday 🙂


Sneak Peak–In the Air

The Up in the Air category was the toughest for me.  These pictures need to “portray images of an atmospheric subject.”  They want to “focus on the atmosphere and bring “In the Air” to life.”

I enjoyed the difficulty of having a theme and needing to find a way to interpret it. Then, finding a way to make it different from “just a sunset” was challenging.  I probably won’t use “Waiting” but I really like it, so I am not sure.


Sneak Peak- Activities in the Park

I had the most fun getting ready for the Activities in the Park category for the contest I am entering. I have been learning a lot on how to edit pictures using “the Gimp”. These are some of my favorite pictures with some of the new things that I have been learning.

I was thinking to include The Sledding Hill. But, I don’t think that it is quite right yet.  It is a fun picture though, so if you prefer it to one of these, please let me know.  🙂

Don’t forget, if you want to see larger pictures of the galleries, just click on one of the pictures to see a slide show.

Sneak Peak–Flora and Fauna

For the past few years, I have participated in a local photo contest.

This year the categories are Flora and Fauna, In the Air, and Activities in the Park. They also have special sections for black and white and special effects photography.  I can enter three pictures in each category.

Here are the Flora and Fauna pictures that I have decided on so far.  Now to narrow it down by two and figure out some good titles for each.

If you want to see the show, the pictures will be displayed at Concord Mall from noon 25 Jan until noon 1 Feb 2013. “Opening Night” is from 5:30-7:30 on the 25 of January. This year, all the “big kids” will have at least one entry each in the “Youth Category”.


Reading Together

ReadingI love watching Mark and Andrea read together.  At least once everyday I will find them curled up with a book reading. Andrea usually gets to chose the book, and Mark rarely fusses at what she choses.

I am so thankful for this blessing.  Not only do they both get to enjoy books, but they are spending time with one of their best friends.

Feet (Revisited)

Feet (revisited)Allan had a business trip to Chicago yesterday.  Once the kids were in bed, I experimented with a new idea I found.  I am not sure when or where I heard the term “Platinum”, but I liked how it looked.  I did a little research on how to do platinum effect and discovered it looks really neat on scenery.  Just for fun, I tried it on a people picture.  The results were impressive!

The original picture can be found here.