Thanksgiving Praise–Learning Wherever

I am so thankful that the children can stay home and learn with me.  We do not have to sit behind desks. We can learn without books.  We often learn by doing.

Today we had school in the car.  Mark took a science test and everyone did some math.  Then Mark read out loud so everyone could enjoy the story they are reading.

Then we went exploring. We visited Yoder’s Popcorn (in Topeka) and tasted some really good popcorn. We experimented with the different toppings they had in stock.  Then we went to E&S Sales (Shipshewana), tasted a few things and bought a few needs.  We dreamed about seeing our friend’s car in their Grandma’s driveway so we could stop by and surprise them 🙂 on the way to our break at Krider’s World Fair Gardens (Bristol).  We finally came home and enjoyed relaxing from our very fun school day.

Thank you God that I have the privilege to learn along with my children. Thank you that we can learn in so many different places!

Thanksgiving Praise–Imagination

I am so thankful for the imaginations that my children have. They all use their imaginations to create.  They make forts, rearrange rooms, reinvent things, write stories and songs, or become someone they are not.

Yesterday, Mark had some free time after school.  The house was quiet since everyone else was busy in their rooms.  In less than an hour, he created a video that is really neat.  It is too large to post it all, but here is the first part of his stop motion video BLASST-OFFFF!

I am so thankful for the imagination that God gives us!  I pray that my children will never lose their ability to imagine.

Thanksgiving Praise–Sunrise Party

Sunrise Batik

Megan is doing much better sleeping at night.  She goes down with Daddy about 7:30 and then she goes to sleep on her own. She wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00.

We have started a new morning ritual.  We come upstairs and snuggle on the couch.  Sometimes she dozes, sometimes we read together.  But we enjoy watching the car lights go by, singing, waiting for the sunrise and watching for the buses.  Adrian comes up at 7:00 to join our party.

Thank you God for such a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Thank you for children who love to snuggle!

Homeschooling fun….

I learned two important lessons today at school.  First off, I learned never to call a friend to see how they are during history.  When I returned, I discovered that the kids had tied Adrian up.  When I asked why, Mark said it was because I let him read the Houdini biography a few weeks ago.  They wanted to see how long it would take for Adrian to escape. My second lesson…be very careful about what books I let the kids read!

Mark said to be sure to let you that I highly do not recommend Escape!: The Story of The Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman 🙂

And, in case you are wondering, each of the kids got tied up so they could practice escaping too!  I guess we had an “unschooling” morning!

Thanksgiving Praise–God’s Protection

I am so thankful for God’s protection for two of my friend’s families this weekend.

The Woods were driving home when a deer ran in front of them. The car spun 180 degrees and the deer hit the passenger side mirror.  They landed in a ditch across the road. Because they landed in a not to steep section of the ditch, they were able to drive out, snap the mirror into place and go home.  The deer ran away, leaving a little fur and skin.

Another friend’s son Thomas, got sick and started acting strange.  After a visit to the hospital, he was sent home.  He slept most of yesterday and today is feeling much better.

Thank you God for taking care of us all the time!


Thanksgiving Praise–Play

I am thankful that we could take Saturday and play most of the day.  We went to church and helped to rake the leaves there.  After lunch, we went to Bonneyville Mill to see it decorated for Christmas.  The kids got to see Santa Claus.  I was laughing, because I knew who was playing Santa, but the kids could not figure out who he was.  Santa did a great job calling the kids he knew by first and last name :)  They finally figured out who Santa was, and we enjoyed a good laugh.

Then we visited the one room school house.  I have never been there, so enjoyed exploring.  I would love to see a class there for all ages, not just a select grade.  I would sign the kids up quickly!

I am thankful that everyone was feeling better and that we had a beautiful day just to enjoy each other and relax.

Thanksgiving Praise–Laughter

While there are many things that make Allan wonderful, one thing I really appreciate is his ability to do crazy things that make me laugh.

We helped rake leaves at church.  There were millions of them!  Mark  mentioned that it would be easier to count the sand on the beach, than the leaves at church 🙂 I am sure that was only a slight exaggeration!

After the leaves were put on tarps, they were drug over to a huge pit.  We had to wade through leaves in order to pile more on top.  It was fun and challenging.  After dumping our first load of leaves, Allan took my hand and as he helped me over the leaves, said to be careful and then he bumped me.  We ended up in a huge pile of leaves with someone’s kids (they sounded vaguely like some boys that I know) throwing leaves over us.

Andrea “just happened” to be there with the camera, and managed to capture a fun memory for us.

To give you an idea of how many leaves there were, Mark dug a hole that did not quite reach the bottom.  He was standing straight up in these leaves.  More leaves followed later in the day!