Traveling to Maine-Day 2

On Saturday we drove through Pennsylvania and New York. It was a long drive, but we enjoyed  getting treats at the small farmer’s markets at the rest stops and along the road.

Andrea was really excited to see that peaches were in season, so we stopped at a few places hoping to buy some.  Unfortunately, we did not find ripe ones that would travel well until we reached Vermont. We did find some maple cotton candy that was a lot of fun to eat.IMG_0981.First Gas lighthouse_share

We stopped for gas in Portland Harbor, NY. We discovered the first lighthouse in the United States to operate using natural gas used hollow logs as pipes to get the gas where it needed to be. We enjoyed a very quick picnic nearby because the bees were fond of our lunch!

img_1004-koa_shareWe stayed at a  KOA in Herkimer, New York.  It was extremely crowded! Our two tents sat side by side with a trailer on one side and a group of people and a few tents on the other.  The nice thing about the campground was there was a river that the kids could play in.  We could have rented tubes and tubed down the river, which is what most people seemed to enjoy.

Since we had a long travel day, we went out for dinner.  Allan had picked a place that looked good, but was closed early.  So we drove around town looking for another place.  We discovered Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.  It was fun place to eat and everyone was very friendly.

We went to bed soon after getting back from dinner and were up and ready to start traveling again before most people at the camp ground were getting up for the day.


Traveling to Maine

Best Way to Travel_shareWe started for Maine as soon as Allan got home from work on Friday.  We had the car packed and ready to go early. Everyone spent most of the afternoon running and playing.

We drove three hours to Ohio.  It was a good way to start our long drive!  Megan took off some of the pillowcases, declared she was cold and played dress up for most of the trip.

Our first campsite was very nice. The kids enjoyed Timber Ridgeplaying in the pool and we were the only tents in the tent area. We also discovered “fairy lights” and had fun trying to figure out what they were and where they originated. Mark discovered a forest of them at the end of the tenting area and we enjoyed playing in them for awhile.


Mastering Your Digital Camera Class

I just finished a second online photography class. It was a lot harder than the first one, but I learned a lot. On the final, I earned 84%.  Two of the answers were my mistake; I should have known my answer was not the best. The others are things that I keep getting confused when working with manual mode.  I understand manual mode a lot better, so it was good to see what I still need to work on.

I was a little disappointed that there was not much student interaction, but the assignments were more challenging. I am looking forward to the next class.

Here are the photos that I submitted for each lesson and what we were learning after the title.