Mommy Camp Wednesday

For Mommy Camp today, Momma cut my hair. Then we got a bath because of all the hair!

After awhile, it began to rain a little. We got to play out in it a little bit. We have not had rain for a long long time, so it was fun playing in it.

We made cookies. They were chocolate chip,  M&M cookies. When it (the dough) was almost all finished I put on one or three M&M’s on them to make them look pretty. We took them to church for dinner.

When the cookies were baked, we let them cool, we took a nap so we could stay up late. Then we watched a movie (cartoon).  Around the second one we ate one (a cookie). They were good!

We had a church meeting. First we had a church dinner. Mommy called it a potluck. We took macaroni and cheese and cookies. Then we had a prayer meeting. I liked it.

We came home and took a walk for a little bit. I rode my tricycle.  When Megan fell down we turned around and came home. Then we catched a lightening bug, almost catched two, but could not catch any more. Then we read Bible stories OUTSIDE! Before bed, Momma read part of a book to me. Then I fell asleep 🙂

Fun at the Restaurant Store

Today’s guest writer is Adrian.  Enjoy!

We went to Lunkers.  Grandpa took us there with Grandma and Great Grandma. Megan screamed and cried all the way there!

Lunkers is a fish restaurant in Edwardsburg, Michigan. I had pretzel bread with a buffalo burger and a pickle salad and some chips.  Momma had the same thing but with an Elk burger (mine was better!). Megan had chicken wings and a little salad. The food was good.

Seeing the fish was better. The fish were in tanks around the sides of the restaurant. There were turtles, frogs, fish with no names and iguanas. They were real live! My favorite fish was the Lion Fish. It was in a big tank with lots and lots of fish in the middle of the restaurant.

Sometimes the frogs could stay still in the middle of the water without going down. After we saw the fish, iguanas, turtles and frogs (Momma wondered if that is where they got their frog legs from) we went into the restaurant store. We saw a HUGE fish coming out of the wall! Lots of bricks were coming down! Then we found “the great big moose, who’s name was Fred”, a bear and a mountain lion!  We also saw Peter Rabbit at the other end of the restaurant.

Megan was quiet on the way home. ‘Cause she was sleeping! (She was good eating and shopping though).  Thank you Grandpa!  I liked the “rain forest restaurant”, even though there was no tigers or lions or Thunder!”

P.S.  Momma said that I needed to let you know that Megan was afraid of Fred, until we told her the mooses name was Fred, and He liked to drink his juice in bed.  He was a great big moose, who liked to drink a lot of juice!  Then she liked him a lot!

Television Humor

We love the 1956 Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester. We watched it again recently and  I think the kids laughed more at the silliness than the first time they watched.

Last night, Allan and I were watching the Murder in the Electric Cathedral episode of Murder She Wrote.  In it Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury, who was the very spoiled princess in The Court Jester) met up with an elderly widow.  After watching the show for awhile, I told Allan that the widow was Griselda from the movie. When Jessica commented that it had been “thirty years since they have seen each other”, we just had to check the dates.

This episode was taped thirty years after the Court Jester 🙂


Answers to A Game

If you were wondering what we did to our kitchen on Sunday night, we were cooking down sap to make maple sugar! 🙂

According to the recipe, after cooking the sap down to 290 degrees Fahrenheit, we were to take it off the heat and stir it quickly for five minutes. Then we were to transfer it to another bowl and stir until the moisture was gone. It did not work out that easily.

It took over three hours to get it to the right temperature. Allan turned off the heat and started stirring. I said that I would watch the time. Then, it got exciting! The mixture started growing until it took over the pan and tried to claim the stove! Allan moved the pot on top of another pot, but it did not stop growing! When he took the spoon out to start stirring it again, it immediately “deflated”!

So the answers for giving a caption to the pictures would be ….

  • C) Homeschool science can be a blast.We are making syrup and sugar while we learn a little bit of science and a little bit of history.
  • D) A messy house is a happy house. We had a lot of fun making this mess.
  • F.) As Mark says, “Sometimes cleaning up is just cleaning, but other times cleaning up is soooo SWEET!”. As we cleaned up, we ate big chunks of maple candy, drank maple flavored tea, and scraped sugar out of pans.
  • G) A relaxing (and very fun) way to spend Sunday evening. We spent lots of time talking, laughing at the unexpected and just enjoying working together.


A Drop at a Time

Assume that it takes  542 drops to fill a quarter cup. (We are pretty close, I asked Mark to do me a favor 🙂 )

542 x 4 =  2,168 drops or one cup

2,168 x 16 = 34,688 drops, or 16 cups or one gallon

Assume it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of Maple syrup

34,688 x 40 = 1,387,520 drops of sap which equals 40 gallons of sap which makes approximately one gallon of Maple Syrup.

Now, if a “good run is one drop a second” how long will it take for enough sap to make a gallon of syrup?

Using the above numbers, you get one gallon every 9.6 hours.

40 gallons x 9.6 hours =2840 hours

2840 hours / 24 hours in a day =11.8 days

So, it takes about 11.8 days of perfect weather to get approximately enough sap to make one gallon of Maple Syrup.

The next time you enjoy some Pure Maple Syrup, remember that!

Valentine Day Flowers

My family knows that I like flowers. I have received flowers for Valentines a few times, but I think this is the best bouquet of flowers that I was ever surprised with.

The kids have been working in secret since Friday. They even used a flowery smelling lotion inside them, so they smell like roses!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

See Us Grow

Here is the newest Nutcracker picture and one from 2007.  If you want to compare them to last years, look here. A little bonus, the sweater that Adrian is wearing (at 4 1/2) is the same sweater Mark is wearing in  2005 just after turning 7.

It has been a few years, but we are all excited to see the Nutcracker Ballet again this year.  We are hoping for nice weather on Friday morning for the performance.

We were surprised to find that Audrey grew the most this year, about 3.5 inches!  Mark said Megan won. She grew 23 inches!